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  • Какого хуя все расширения постоянно отваливаются?! Что такого ёбаные индусы намутили уже? Приходится следить постоянно и по нескольку раз обновлять и переставлять!

  • The latest update fubared this plugin/extension/whatever

    no websites load and its impossible to browse

  • @hrsr Most likely you have bad custom filters. Use uBO's built-in logger to find out what filter(s) is causing the issue, and where it comes from.

  • Довольно надёжно работает, не отваливаеться, или не "забывает" отключить рекламу, однако пришлось запариться с управление.

  • намного лучше встроенного блокировщика оперы!!!!

  • с этим расширением не загружается страница

  • I do not like this it is bad and I cannot use any sites that I need to go on like school sites and other stuff.

  • @joshuaopera Check the custom filters of the extension. You can also put your trust sites in the extension. Right button above the extension and look for options and inside look for trusted sites

  • @joshuaopera it's probably one of the best ad-blockers, fully customizable. It's just not plug n'play. You can Either check the setting of it and customize it to your liking, or get a simpler adblocker that will suit your needs.
    But saying it is bad because you can't operate it is like a 70 year old saying a Ferrari is a bad car because it's difficult to get in and out of it, noisy and not a lot of space for groceries.... Everything has it's use case...

  • @skoy21

    It's just not plug n'play

    uBO's default settings are pro-users and thus makes it an install-and-forget blocker with no need to visit settings.

    What @joshuaopera needs to do is either reset to default settings if he customized to the point of causing the issues he is experiencing, or report filter issues to filter list maintainers.

  • @gorhill I had different experience where I could not open elements on many sites after installing uBO, so I had to set-up various exeptions etc... It works right out of the box in most sites but not everywhere and for everyone 😉

  • @skoy21

    I could not open elements on many sites after installing uBO

    Then please report these filter issues to filter list maintainers, otherwise they will never be fixed for the benefit of all. Other blockers making use of the same lists will suffer just the same, this is not specific to uBO.

    The default set of lists in uBO has been carefully selected to be optimal, best level of blocking for least amount of breakage, to ensure people can install uBO in an install-and-forget manner (contrary to your "not plug n'play" claim), whereas other blockers do not offer this pro-user interests approach, you need to configure them after installing them.

    uBO acts according to content of filter lists, including filter lists used by other blockers (i.e. EasyList, EasyPrivacy), so if these lists cause issues on some sites due to false positives, it's best to report these issues to filter list maintainers so that they end up being fixed for all uBO users, and for all other blockers making use of the same lists.

    If people uses uBO in a non install-and-forget approach and enable more filter lists, this can lead to higher likelihood of site breakage, the documentation warns that enabling more filter lists can cause higher site breakage, this is true for all blockers.

  • @joshuaopera: You can choose to allow them. Besides, some of the school websites track you if you didn't know.

  • Полная ерунда Adguard на порядок лучше

  • Ngopi Dulu Aaaahhhhh

  • нихрена оно не работает

  • This is my all time favorite must have addon for all browsers, to the point of refusing to use one that won't load it. Currently runs very well in Opera-stable(linux) Thank you to all the contributors! FOSSFTW! It's our only hope!

  • The element picker mode is not working anymore. Nothing happens when I click on it 😞

  • not working facebook

  • Stop complaining that some sites don't work and switch off ublock origin for the sites. Simple.