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  • @mroeling
    User Alberto trying to help.

    1. operating system and version? Latest updates? Supported Os?
    2. Opera Desktop stable, latest (69.0.3686.77 at the moment), or other version / flavour?
    3. are you downloading the extension from the very same browser & PC where you try to install it? Doing the download and install steps separately (and on different devices / platforms / browsers) could lead to known problems (see forum thread).

    Apart from this, I dunno, you should troubleshoot for general extension problem for Opera (seek in Opera help or goggle it) or try to reinstall browser from scratch (use Opera sync to backup your data).
    Hope any of above could help.

  • @qu4k3
    [EN] Hi, user Alberto trying to help.
    From the message in the image, seems your download has failed (file does not exists, packet not valid). You should retry downloading the extension "Wappalyzer" from the repository.
    "Install Chrome extension" has nothing to do with this, If you can't download the file, the "Wappalyzer" can't be installed anyway, as any other extension.
    Please check your internet, disk space, write permissions, and so on.
    (Be sure anyway, to always download and install from the same Pc and browser, to avoid known problems - you can read more on this thread about it).

  • @rupert24
    Also please note that you should always download a new fresh latest updated version of the extension right from the repository when you try to reinstall it.

    1. First uninstall the estension,
    2. reboot browser completely.
    3. then goto to repository and re-download it from scratch while installing it.

    Do not try to reinstall saved copies or so.
    Remember to always download and install from the same browser and workstation, never separate these steps as this could lead to problems.

  • @fedeb1997 be sure anyway to install only extension copies that you have downloaded right from the same browser and same pc, as there are possible differences and known incompatibilities among download done on different systems / browser makes / browser version.

  • @albertop Thanks for your reply!

    1. Win10 build 19041.1
    2. Opera latest (indeed 69.0.3686.77)
    3. Just clicking on the install link on this page (

    I noticed on github similar problems on different OS's.

  • @mroeling: I have exactly the same problem, also latest version of Opera

  • Every time I try installing an extension from the Chrome webstore I get To complete installation, go to extensions manager and confirm installation by clicking install button, but there is never an install button. I got it to install on my other computer but it no longer works.

  • The Best Extension 😉

  • before i logged in my synchronize account it was crashing, logging in fixed it for me so try that

  • add theme support

  • crashes when I try to load it (twice)

  • @mroeling That's sad. Even other users like @Ursanova are reporting it.

    • Please try to follow the @Saphirix advice here, to try again after having logged into Opera sync account, or instead off it totally. That should give us more info if sync stuff could be involved.

    • Else, you may have to try to completely uninstall Opera (then eventually reboot your system), and try to reinstall Opera from scratch anew, then just add that extension (not logging into any sync account) and see if it works. If it just works in this new condition but not afterwards, for instance, after having activated your sync account again, maybe something is conflicting in your Opera settings or profile or other extensions installed. That's just an hypothesis :).

    • My system is W8.1 (still!). To test if problem is linked to W10 only, or if it is instead linked to Opera 69 current version, I theoretically should be able to try to uninstall the extension and then try to reinstall it from scratch, but seeing what other users are reporting, I'm not so happy to do that test 😃
      I should be doing this just after doing my periodic system backup, so to be able to restore 😉 I will tell when I've got time to test it.

    • Anyway, if you're still stuck with this, and determine that's strongly linked to current Opera version, then I recommend you to open a new thread in Opera forum, specifying the problem with the extension in the current Opera version and detailing everything. When you've done, that would be nice if you could post also here a link to the thread, so other interested users could follow it or other info about the specific problem.

  • @graywalker hi, I'm user Alberto trying to help.

    • Operating system, Opera version?
    • just downloaded the extension fresh copy from same browser when installing?
    • Opera sync logged on or off?
    • In which sense you intended "crashed twice"? You tested it two times and each one it crashed? Or you got two consecutive crashes with one install try?
    • Was Opera crashing or just the extension?
    • Have you tried to disable all other extensions and retry?
  • @Saphirix useful info, thanks!

  • The extention is not working!

  • @naroper: Can confirm it is broken now unable to install new extensions with it

  • @programram: @programram: Ditto, hasn't been working for the past week after trying all the options listed in this comment section

  • works great for me

  • Help me, dont install extetion, "extensions install failed. package is invalid "crx file not readable""

  • Very good extension. Worked for every Chrome Extension I wanted to install. This addon eliminates the only reason why i dont wanted to use opera instead of chrome, cause i used many Chrome extensions i wanted to keep.