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Sync Phrase Situation Time Consuming and Unnecessary

  • I'd like to state that Opera has taken up a lot of my time today due to the way it's set up its sync services with other devices. It didn't run smoothly at all when its' function is to do just that. No need for a "passphrase" unless you provide us with a viable means of accessing what it is in our profiles. It's just ridiculous we have to erase all of the information from your servers. I couldn't believe I even had a passphrase. If I did I would have certainly written it down. One hour of my life today dedicated to this nonsense. Put the power and control back in our hands and don't deny us access to finding out what our passphrases are. It's not like it's a bank account. There's no reason why we shouldn't have access to what our passphrases are.

  • Wait, you're suggesting that there should be an option such as 'Remind me what my passphrase is'?
    If so, then it's absolutely impossible from the technological point of view - it's not anyone bad will, it's cryptography (pure maths actually). These passphrases aren't actually stored anywhere - they are used to encrypt your data before sending them to Sync servers, and Sync itself has no idea what that passphrase could be.
    Think of a safe unlocked by a numbers combination - there's no way to know what that combination is just from standing before the safe, unless you completely break it and see what is inside - and this, in case of modern digital encryption, would take a few dozen centuries at least.