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  • I would like a good notes extension for Opera Blink (now vers. 22) that fills the gap in terms of the notes function in the old Opera Presto, but which doesn't require you to register with a website, or save notes in the cloud. If you're on the internet, and want to make a note about a website, when you do, you should be able to right click and make the the note via the context menu, and then save it. Then, without having to copy and paste the link for the website, it should be automatically saved with the saving of the note. When you click on the note to open it, the website location ought to automatically open. I have used Browse ++ some, but it's a beta, and if you uninstall and reinstall you lose your notes. Also it feels awkward to use, and it doesn't quite have the features I listed. I don't understand why so many extensions require registration on the web, and saving notes to the cloud, or to that registration website. An extension should simply let one save the notes to one's own computer. That's the way the Notes extension in Opera Presto worked. A cloud backup as an option for the notes would be okay.

  • The Scrapbook extension for Firefox,

    modeled after the Notes function in Opera Presto is quite good, and something like it, as an extension for Opera Blink would be great. It meets the characteristics I set forth in my initial post.

  • It's one of the reasons I don't use Blink, Browse ++ wasn't a substitute for me either.. Firefox has a decent note add-on (Quickfox) but the native Presto one is hard to beat. Hallvord created this but I've not tried it, maybe you'd like to give it a go:

  • Thanks rainspa, but I think I'll pass. It seems too experimental (developer mode is not for me) 🙂 and the file is from almost a year ago. The developer doesn't seem that committed to getting it done right. He says: "don't have too high expectations " and "Not sure how much time I'll be able to spend on it, but I'll try to solve some issues." The import from Presto isn't as critical for me (I can always open Opera 12.17 to see my notes there) as moving forward in Opera 22, with easy note-taking not unlike the way the notes could be taken in Presto. In other words, I can live without the import, if the rest were there.

  • The one I use is simple notepad. Doesn't have all of the functionality you want, but looks neat, works well and saves them in the browser. Also has an option for using opera notes style layout.