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  • Yesterday, I downloaded & installed the browser. I have Mavericks. I tried to import bookmarks, but was unsuccessful. I searched Help & found out that I have to click on "View" & then click on "Import bookmarks" or something like that. I saw "Import bookmarks" but it was greyed out. Why was it greyed out? How do I import bookmarks?

  • Are you trying to import bookmarks from what browser?

  • Not from any browser. Bookmark.html is on the Desktop. When I installed the browser, I wasn't given the option of importing bookmarks. I don't understand why "Import Bookmarks" or whatever it is is greyed out.

  • It happens the same to me. It's so frustrating. I use Windows 8.1-

    Any help?

  • Importing bookmarks seems to only work if you want to import from version 12.0. You can access the bookmarks importer even if it is greyed out by visiting opera://bookmark-importer/, but it won't help you. I think they said that they will support other browsers at some point. More problematic is the fact that you can't export bookmarks to html...

  • The current version is what - 22?

    Being able to sort & organize bookmarks should be an integral part of the browser. One shouldn't have to install an extension to be able to organize & sort bookmarks.

    I read, I think on this forum, that someone used the sort capability in Finder to organize the bookmarks. That shouldn't be necessary.

    I tried Opera a while back & when I realized that it isn't possible to organize & sort bookmarks, I uninstalled it. It was on & off my Mac in minutes. Likewise, this time. I installed it & then a few minutes later I uninstalled it.

    Get with the program, Opera!

  • In version 22 on OSX 10.9, import bookmarks does not work, even for already existing Opera 12 bookmarks.

    I wonder if there is even any other browser that does not import or export bookmarks LOL.