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Why is Opera Mini for iOS so terrible?

  • Come on, does anyone at Opera even gives a F about Opera Mini for iOS? It's been last updates ages ago and don't get me started with all idiocies with it for which iOS is not the reason.

    Why are stupid "news" always in my face with NO option to turn it off? And why the hell is Google default search engine with absolutely no way in changing that? Even when I select other search engine, after some time it resets back to god damn Google. I love Opera on Windows, but Opera Mini for iOS is absolute total garbage and it's pissing me off. Always has to be something. If Opera Mini wasn't so crappy Opera would be a no brainer choice of browser. But now, because its so crappy on iOS I have to do compromises and look at some other. I just don't understand Opera...

  • Given no one at Opera gives a shit about Opera for iOS and I need PC and smartphone connected for bookmarks access, only thing left for me was to remove Opera from all my systems coz it's of no use to me if it's not good on all platforms.

    Opera on desktop is superb, but I don't think there is browser this terrible as Opera Mini for iOS. Absolutely worthless and it's not even Apple's fault. It's entirely Opera's fault. Last update was 8 frigging months ago and they forced this shit news garbage on us with it. :rolleyes:

  • There was an update yesterday. It literally changed absolutely nothing. Still same stupid news page, same stupid forced Google search by default. Opera, wtf?