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No more Opera Mini on iOS?!

  • I just updated my phone last night, and I can no longer use the Opera Mini browser. I deleted it and went to the App Store to reinstall it, and it no longer exists. What happened to it?! The only Opera browser available is Opera Touch , which sucks. It doesn't allow you to sync between devices or even bookmark websites. Does anyone know what's up with this?? I'm extremely upset about it. I'm supposed to be leaving on vacation soon and ALL of my travel/destination info is bookmarked on there, and now I have no way to access any of that from my phone.

  • I stopped using Opera entirely even on desktop coz I need bookmarks synced on mobile devices, but what they offer for iOS is downright insulting. The fact they removed Opera Mini hardly changes anything, coz it was that bad with it's stupid news nonsense being central element of it. I want browser not a god damn news app. And that stupid defaulting of search engine to Google pissed me off beyond belief since I'm using DuckDuckGo. Opera Touch is even worse. It doesn't even know how to sync bookmarks. Like, what's the point?!

    Opera for desktop is absolutely brilliant, one of best browsers. But their versions on iOS are just pathetic.

  • IF you installed it previously it is still available but not showing with the search. I had the same experience today but later found it in my account "purchased history"

  • @rejzor Each Opera app offers a variety of search engines.
    @cassie-elisabeth @brucecraigie Yes, I can recover any app from my purchase history but it doesn't mean it is supported and will run properly. Opera Mini and Opera Coast have disappeared from the available products in the app store. The twin app called Oupeng Mini offered by nHorizon Innovation Beijing Ltd is available but it wouldn't allow me to log on my Opera account either. So, still no syncing possible. (pls don't even think of trying to convince me that Opera Flow's "sharing things with myself" is equal to data syncing.)
    Any news about what's going on?
    Anyone tried to contact the support? I haven't received a response. Not even a 💩

  • This is absolutely ridiculous.

    By far the main selling point of Opera Mini was the data savings. You had the three options, ranging from the "Mini" mode (maximum savings), to the "Turbo" mode (moderate savings), to no the flexibility of being able to switch between these modes, in case the compression broke any of the functionalities of a particular website.

    As far I as can tell, this is gone from Opera Touch.

    The second most impressive feature of Opera Mini was its Desktop User Agent, optionally forcing websites to display their desktop version instead of an often dumbed-down, paired-down mobile version. It accomplished this with far more reliability than any other iOS browser does (for example, Safari Mobile has it but the results there are very poor. It doesn't succeed in giving you the desktop version of and many other such sites).

    As far I as can tell, this is gone from Opera Touch.

    Does anyone know of an iOS browsers which has these features? Puffin browser had them, but Puffin was also killed off more than a year ago. Because I sure as hell will not be using Opera Touch.