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Windows 10 Feature Update Version 1903 - May 2019

  • I have Windows 10 version 1809 and it is working perfect.

    Windows 10 1903 May 2019 Feature Update has recently appeared on my updates as an optional "install when you are ready" update. It is kept in permanent suspension from normal updates.

    Checking the web on this Windows 10 1903 May 2019 Feature Update, I find that even experienced users have had a lot of trouble downloading and installing this update and trouble thereafter with auxiliary programs failing.
    Complaints of frozen downloads or installs, being stuck at incomplete for many hours and having to attempt a traumatic restore of previous Windows, plus more problems.
    Some have installed it without trouble and it is working well. Who Dares Wins ?
    It depends upon your individual PC, device and set-up.

    My decision is to put this update on ice until such a time as it has been officially cleaned of trouble by time, feedback and Microsoft updates and auxiliary programs have had time to catch up and become compatible. After the October 2018 debacle with Windows 10 Feature Update 1809, I am going to tread very carefully, observing the golden rule - If it 'aint broke, don't fix it..

    2 - 4 months delay in installing 1903 should be adequate for debugging.

    Windows 1903 incorporates a sandbox, which may conflict with users who use Sandboxie.

    Windows 10 version 1809 end of service life is May 12, 2020, so there is no rush to install 1903.
    End of service life for Windows 1903 is December 8, 2020.

    1903 is a massive OS Feature Update -

  • There have been many users reporting trouble updating to 1903, varying from minor malfunctions to major ones, where attempted restore to Windows 1809 has been necessary. Some downloadings and installations have stuck indefinitely, forcing the users to crash their PC's and face the consequences.

    My earlier post summarised the situation perfectly.
    There is no rush to have 1903, so why take unnecessary risks. There is no reason at all except curiosity and as we all know "curiosity killed the cat".

    Let 1903 remain on the shelf for 3 months, more or even to the end of 1809 service life on May 12, 2020. Nothing is lost.
    While 1809 is working to perfection, stay with it - If it 'aint broke, don't fix it.

    It is widely recommended that an image back-up is made of your existing system before installing 1903.
    Macrium Reflect is highly praised for this task.

  • To clarify the situation regarding Windows Feature Updates e.g. 1903 etc.
    the following link explains it all.