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Things that bother me and things I would appreciate

  • Things that bothered me:
    -Adblock settings not being synchronized
    Same goes for twitch account logged into twitch extension
    and sites I was always logged into but most likely becouse I never save passwords in browsers (only tick the never logout box when logging in)
    -GX corner is always open in every window, would be best for us to be able to unpin it.
    If that is something that could lower your income then at least make it so it is open in the longest open window only.
    -The gx corner couses moving tabs between windows, or trying to merge windows by moving the only tab to a different window to be very unintuitive. If you want to keep GX corner in every window, atleast make it so the window closes after you move your last tab to a different window.
    -Only dark mode available seems to not fit for everyone
    -Learning how to add Chrome extensions should be easier and somewhere in settings

    Things I would appreciate:
    -Block element is something I appreciate in other adblocks, sadly it is not present in the built-in adblock, would be nice to get it at some point
    -Might be good idea to implement a data limit, or some sort of "limit data usage" mode that would not buffer gifs/vids untill pressed
    -Since it is advertised as gaming browser, gaming mode that you can customize could be really usefull. I can think of functions like:

    • different GX control setting for gaming on/off modes,
    • suspending every tab not in use, suspending all gx corner tabs unless it is focused on, list of sites you do not want to get suspended etc.
    • being able to choose if you want to mute browser/tabs
    • being able to choose whether you want not focused windows to close while in gaming mode (could make them reopen after exiting game mode)
    • ability to detect whether you are playing a game and list of .exe files that when running automatically turn gaming mode on (can be turn off)
    • turning all of the additional visual/sound effects off

    I'm digging the browser, keep it up!

  • All good stuff. Hopfully those things can be added/fixed. I'm digging it too.

  • I know this thread is quite old, but if you're still interested in a way to suspend tabs, then The Great Suspender is great for that. I've used it and it does pretty much everything you're asking for there. Granted, you'll also need to install the 'Install Chrome Extensions' add-on.