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New feature ideas for Opera Android

  • I've been a longtime Opera user on the desktop and since the new Android version came out I've been using it. Coming from the desktop I've come to miss a few convenience features I'm hoping will be added in the near future.

    1. One of the best features I've found in Opera Android is the ability to turn off images or compress them. Just looking at how much data Opera has saved me is amazing. However in the beta version of Opera I found some images (it's rare) are now displayed when Offroad mode is set to block them. Many of the other Android browsers can't compress the images or turn them off easily and the Off-road mode should be promoted more. The feature is a bit confusingly named for new users I think, how about along the lines of Data Saver? On the Opera description page of the Play store it says: "gives you cheaper internet", so it isn't clear for new users what it does exactly.

    2. In Opera closed tabs can be reopened and I think it's great, but the feature is hidden. I don't think many users would think to long press the new tab button, so I think it should be added to the main Opera menu.

    3. The main Opera menu is another feature that I think is difficult to use for new users. It isn't obvious what the icons do, so I think a small text caption should be added. I also think a back button should be added too.

    4. Some websites always want to show the mobile version of the page, and sometimes you just want the full desktop. How about a "show full desktop site" on the Opera menu without having to go into the settings?

    5. Speeddial from the Opera menu always wants to use the current tab that's open, I think it should open in a new tab.

    6. I really like the tablet mode for the browser and the way it handles tabs, making it easy to open and close. When using the browser to search a snippet of text on the webpage I've found it always searches in the same tab. How about another option to search the text in Google in a new tab that opens?

  • Another idea I think is very helpful is to show the url address when long pressing a link. Sometimes I have no idea where the link ends up, if it's to a file, youtube video etc, and would certainly make saving data easier for instance.

  • Oh and Let's have access to copy address to clipboard with http prefix while using any method. give access to set useragent and pop up blocker in off road. Let's discover Function wouldn't load images in higher resolution until we open them.

  • What I really miss are:

    1. a readability enhancing tool to extract the meaningful part of the page;
    2. a way to scroll by page, like PageDown on the keyboard. Hardware buttons are not an option.
  • Remote DNS option in fags settings will improve overall connectivity using Max just being enabled. Tested with Firefox and proxy addons. Max product doesn't use http pipelining anyway.