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  • @leocg oh sorry.

    I wan't to use as a personal machin, so for example I can not play any facebook videos, or other videos too, from another websites(for example from etc.

  • @sgfdhsg , maybe the problem is not in flash, but in I had something like this two days ago.

  • @sgfdhsg Those sites don't use Flash. I guess no serious major site uses Flash nowadays except for very exceptional conditions.

    Try reading one of the dozen topics about videos not playing on Opera for Linux.

  • @sgfdhsg You have to replace the original located in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera/ with the one extracted from Chromium browser if I remember correctly.

  • @zibi1981 , yes you are right! Chromium's is in /usr/lib/chromium-browser.

  • @pindos @leocg @zibi1981 Thanlk you all.
    I don't have /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera. Opera is installed to /usr/lib64/opera.
    In /usr/lib/chromium-browser i have a but it's a symbolic link to /etc/alternatives/ which is a symbolic link to the file in /usr/lib64/chromium-browser/

    I copid the to the folder of opera as but nothing changed....

  • @sgfdhsg , sometimes it is useful to clear browsing data. Navigate to opera://settings/clearBrowserData and check "Content settings" in Advanced tab. This helped me to make Flash working.

  • @zibi1981 Something to note: snap sandboxes apps (and therefore Opera, if installed via snap) to their own little folder inside snap on the root of the drive. This means that Opera cannot interact with Flash, as it is NOT installed in Opera's snap. That's why --no-sandbox fixes it: Opera can find Flash as it is not restricted to their own little space. At least, I think that's how it works.

  • Hello guys

    Using Opera in the Deepin Manjar or Deeplin ArcLinux occurs the same situation. Adobe flash player plugins do not work on Opera, Google Chrome and Vivaldi

    Browsers that are running at the moment without any problem are Firefox and Chromium

    Adobe flash player and pepperflash are in their most recent version, being

    Does anyone have any tips on how to reestablish the functionality of adobe flash player in Opera using the Distros mentioned above?

    Follow some Opera images on some sites that have the plugin available and do not work.




    Your Considerations


  • Linux developers and owners of browsers need to understand that the novice and novice user, when browsing any page, wants the adobe flash player application to work until the date of its definitive closure. The application is still active and many web pages contain the plugin. What to do for this people to understand this (!?)

  • @pindos Thank you, I tried, nothing changed...

    Today I updated the flash to but no change....

  • @edsonmartim
    There is not such thing as deepin manjaro or deepin arch.
    Are you on deepin, which is debian based, or in manjaro, which is arch based?
    If you are on something that is arch based, ppapi (pepper) flash plugin malfunction is related to the bug that loup001 said at the first messages of the topic.

    I agree for the second part, but allow me to post an experience I had last year. For some reason and for a couple of days, my firefox was failing to play html5 streams and it was falling back to flash when it was available. The browser's performance was so awful that once I got it to play the streams as html5, I immidiately disabled flash so as I won't deal with that crappy performance again.

  • I have a "similar", but a "different" problem. Flash player is installed and is detectable, but it doesn't work only in Opera. As you guys can see in the screenshots below, the same websites working fine in Chrome (on left side) and the problem occurring on Opera (on right side). So... this is a BIG question mark, it just doesn't make sense. I hope somebody can help me. Thank you in advance.
    PS: never asked me to allow Flash Player to watch it in Chrome, I don't why Opera just doesn't work.

    alt text
    alt text

  • @Lotts First, Chrome has its own built-in Flash, so Chrome isn't exactly the best browser to compare with when talking about Flash. It would be better to compare with another Chromium based browser like Vivaldi, for example.

    One thing you could (and should) try is going to opera://settings/content/flash and isable Flash. Main serious sites don't need it anymore.

  • Adding to the above, twitch uses a combination of flash, for the player, and html5 (h264), for the stream, so do not use it to judge opera if you do not have chromium ffmpeg codecs installed and working, at the very least.

    And the above reason is the one I have never watched twitch inside a browser, because, let's be honest, that flash + html5 combination is trash.

    Also, are you on snap opera or on the deb one? This is a trick question that will trigger a lot of other answers 😛

  • @leocg I can't do that since I use some websites that uses Flash.

    @jimunderscorep Chrome was working for the majority of websites that I visit, but a few was problematic and it didn't work properly, so I had to switch between Chrome and Firefox everytime I wanted to visit a specific website. I installed chromium ffmpeg via snap and now Chrome is working 100%. I want to migrate to Opera, though... Just to try something new.

    I downloaded Opera on the official website which is the deb version.

  • @Lotts Those sites know that Flash is going to disappear, right?

  • @leocg Yeah... But I can do nothing since they're using it yet :/. I don't know what they'll do in the future, but probably they'll use Flash until it's no longer possible.

  • @Lotts Did you already try to use those sites with Flash blocked? I remember have seen some sites that asked for Flash if it's available but if you had it blocked, they used HTML5.

  • @leocg Yeah, it doesn't work.

    Screenshot with Flash blocked:

    alt text