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The URL is disappearing if I do consecutively CMD + N and CMD + V

  • Hi all!

    A weird bug appeared with Opera 60.0 on my Mac. If I copy an URL and I do consecutively CMD + N and CMD + V , the paste URL first appears in the address bar but then it suddenly disappears.

    The same goes if I do CMD + shift + N and CMD + V

    I attached a GIF

  • What happens if you do Cmd-t, Cmd-v, Return? That is what I do to get a new tab with a new page.

  • Thank you for your answer.

    If I do Cmd-t, Cmd-v, Return it keeps the opened tab trough cmd-t on the Speed Dial and it opens the address I entered with Cmd-v in a 2nd tab.

    I just applied the update 60.0.3255.70 and still when I open a new window, if I past an address or if I write immediately any text, it disappears

  • Maybe you need to use a new tab as a workaround. If you drag the new tab onto the desktop, you get a new window. I do not get the same result you do if I use Cmd-n, Cmd-v, Return. I get a new window with the requested page in it. Perhaps we are not using the same version of MacOS.

  • @concretable thank you for your answer but the problems doesn't necessary come with an address but with the address tab if I open a new window.

    Basically if I do CMD + N (or CMD + shift +N) and I write anything right after opening the new window it disappears.