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Opera window is tiny upon fresh startup.

  • Since updating to the most recent version of Opera, every time I open the browser for a new session, the window is very small, probably only covers 1/4 of my desktop area. My preferred way of running Opera is in a "minimized" state but where the window still covers all of the blank space on my screen, so that I have Mac toolbar along the top and visible at all times, my apps, downloads and trash along the bottom and visible at all times and my browser window in between. In order to achieve this I now have to manually zoom the window by navigating to Window>Zoom up top or by double-clicking the blank space along the top of the browser window where my tabs would be. This is not unbearable but is certainly an inconvenience with how much I close and reopen Opera in a day, especially since Opera used to remember my previous window size and always open how I wanted, even after Opera had been quit and my Mac had been powered off for the night. So is there a reason why Opera now opens in a smaller window, and is there something I can do to make Opera start opening a zoomed window like it used to?

  • Yes I noticed this has happened too... very irritating. I have to click to zoom the page to full size every time.

  • @ndoresky

    1. Alt-click on the green button should do what you want with one click.
    2. For me, this has been the case for some time; I just Ctrl-Cmd-f to enter full-screen. I have my (totally minimal) dock hidden anyway, and if I should want to access the menu bar, it appears when you move the mouse cursor to the top of the screen. And of course, the minimized window is there at another Ctrl-Cmd-f.



  • Why would you want to get true full-screen mode with Alt-green button? Once you get into that, there is no easy way to get back out except by closing Opera. Launching again opens it with a small window.
    Using just click on the green button toggles between maximized and normal, and you get back the normal size you set the window to be in the beginning.

  • @concretable
    Personally, I don't. I was merely pointing out to the OP that he could do what s/he wanted with a single click. Also, another Alt-click on the old-style "full screen" green button returns the window to it's original small size.


  • I just got the latest release of Opera, and now Alt-green does the same thing as just green button. It does toggle.

  • Wish to keep this post running as I have updated Opera to 63.0.3368.43 and it open as a wery tiny browser that don't fit more than one two quicklaunch icons and it is wery annoing again and again upon everything involving minimize to dock that it reopens as minimized as attaching documents and or viewing image files has to be done first dragging them from wherever the location in Finder or Desktop where they're parked temporarely and place them in a dedicated folder within Documents thus doing this I ten out of ten upon a same name in the process edit I has to remaximize reopen tab and restore session including reentering whatever login restart process of filling forms that the browser do not reqognize where I was and for those speculating this is NOT an issue on MacOS Sierra as Opera is the ONLY app or software on this Mac that has this issue on screwing up pardon the expression upon app start and out of sandbox and or tab switching related actions if this issue is not solved within the next update I am prepared to ditch this browser and get Chrome with following warnings to family and friends about annoingly eighter bow ones head to having these issues be content with native Safari or go for Chrome thus their security risk upon having them misuse information on traffic on places they oversee including the violation of the private sphere og what they illegally have recorded such as yelling for a roll of toiletpaper thus turning off voice command or restricting their online access within ones door