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  • The first Opera stable 60.0.3255.27 - Reborn 3: improved control over privacy, security, faster VPN, and Web 3 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.

    "With this release, we are introducing a new, borderless design, inspired by low-key and high-key lighting photography. It turns the browser into the perfect frame for the Web.

    Opera now also includes Web 3-support and a Crypto Wallet, an important new feature. It allows you to browse and make transactions the blockchain-based Internet of the future, also known as Web 3. This makes Opera the first ever Web 3-ready computer browser. Combined with a built-in VPN and ad blocker, Opera gives you all the tools you need to be in control of your digital life.

    We believe these features should constitute the new standard of browsing, and that users shouldn’t settle for anything less. After all, the browser remains the most important application through which you interact with the Web over many hours each day. At Opera, we want to improve the quality, privacy and security of your web browsing, and give you access to features other browsers don’t yet have.

    Opera comes with new design

    With Reborn 3, we put Web content at center stage. We’ve removed dividing lines between sections, so you can browse without borders and unhindered by unnecessary distractions. Also, just as no one frame is effective for every picture or in every lighting, we’ve given the browser two distinct themes: light and dark.

    The design of each of these themes was inspired by high-key and low-key lighting photography, where the goals are to maximize or minimize the amount of light in a photo, while still retaining contrast. Depending on your mood, your setting or the content you are viewing, you are in control of how you frame the Web.

    With the light theme, your entire browser, including the sidebar and tab area, is bright and clean. To us, this evokes a feeling of openness and optimism. We designed it to spark productivity and to lift your mood.

    The dark theme signifies to us a certain elegance and focus. It turns the browser dark and subdued, almost mysterious. But on a practical note, it’s also soothing for the eyes.
    Opera’s design changes

    Our vision of minimalism is such, that your browser is more functional for your daily use, not less. That’s why with this release, we have moved some of the features to make them more accessible, without getting in your way.

    Tabs have been redesigned to elicit a visceral response: whichever tab you have open, it feels physically open and stays on top of other tabs.

    After thorough testing, we have also decided to move Easy Setup and snapshot to the access bar, where they are better placed for convenient access.
    Opera’s sci-fi short story about the choices we make in our digital lives

    Once you access the Easy Setup area, you will also notice two “special edition” themes. They have been inspired by a short, futuristic film we shot to depict the journey we go through our everyday lives, to regain control over our digital lives.

    To watch and read the story, click the picture above or go to
    New place for the snapshot tool

    The snapshot tool, which lets you take screenshots of a website, has now been placed next to other web browsing functionalities such as “Send to My Flow” and bookmarks. This means that all the key interactions you can have with a website, such as: adding it to bookmarks, sending it to your “Flow” or taking a screenshot, are in one place.

    Protect your information with our free and unlimited browser VPN

    Opera is the only browser that features a built-in VPN service. This is a feature we have been offering for a while, but now we have made it much faster.

    A virtual private network, or VPN, replaces your local IP address with a virtual one, making it difficult for websites to determine the location you are browsing from. We consider your location to be your own private information, and if you wish to withhold this, while you are browsing, we believe you have the right to do so. Using a VPN protects you also, when browsing on a public network from other users sharing this network. Many third-party VPNs have expensive rates, low data limits, and are based around unsafe extensions.

    Our browser VPN is completely free and unlimited, as well as being a no-log service. Our VPN servers do not log, or retain any activity data.
    Block out distractions with built-in ad blocker

    Web users are finding their browsing increasingly disrupted by ads. Websites have become increasingly aggressive with the quantity and content of their ads. It can be frustrating to visit a site for a particular purpose, only to have your screen filled with content you don’t want in the form of ads.

    Opera was the first among major browsers to add a native ad blocker for faster browsing. The built-in ad blocker lets you choose to opt out of this cluttered version of the web.

    Opera’s ad blocker is turned off by default, when you first download the browser. To activate it, simply open the “Easy Setup” panel, and toggle the “Block ads” switch. The browser will start blocking ads on all websites. However, if you want a specific page to run ads, you can make an exception, and turn off the ad blocker for that page. You can do that by clicking the ad blocker icon in the address bar.
    Moving from Web 2 to Web 3

    As it has since its creation, the Web continues to evolve. The first iteration of the Web allowed users to access information on static websites, but didn’t offer any interactive elements. The current generation of the Web, often referred to as Web 2.0, made the Web into a community, where users not only received information but also shared their own. Social media platforms let people share their lives online; shopping sites let people buy and sell. But people have become aware that these networks, and therefore their information, are controlled by a few select companies. While the Web seemed to be growing, it was in some ways actually consolidating.

    Web 3 is an answer to this. Web 3 is an umbrella term for a set of emerging technologies intersecting cryptocurrencies, blockchains and distributed systems that, together, extend the capabilities of the Web we all use today in important and meaningful ways.

    It is the decentralized Web, where information is in the hands of the users.

    Cryptocurrency and blockchain offer a new level of security for online transactions. A Crypto Wallet functions similarly to a physical wallet in that it not only stores currency, but it houses your identification. It presents a completely secure way for you to identify yourself to websites.
    Users are able to complete peer-to-peer transactions, bypassing major corporations who previously monopolized these processes. Non-fungible tokens represent entirely unique digital objects that cannot be replicated; you can truly own digital things. Decentralized apps, or dApps, are a possibility for apps to function independent of the device they are accessed on.
    Browse Web 3 on your PC, sign transactions with your smartphone

    The Web 3 explorer feature in Opera lets you access applications on the Ethereum blockchain also known as dApps.

    The Crypto Wallet, which lets you store cryptocurrency, but also tokens and collectibles in the Opera computer browser syncs with the Crypto Wallet in the Opera browser for Android. This means, wallet keys never leave your smartphone. In practice, whenever you need to identify yourself to a Web 3 website, or sign a transaction on the blockchain, you will get a notification on the smartphone. You’ll be able to confirm it in the same way you unlock your system, using for example facial recognition, or a fingerprint.

    In our pursuit of empowering users to improve all aspects of their web experience, we feel this is the most powerful development, truly the beginning of a new era of the Web.
    Opera offers users the tools they need to reclaim control

    Opera’s built-in VPN, ad blocking and Crypto Wallet, make it the only modern browser to put you in complete control over your digital life, while also giving you a glimpse of the future of the Web. In the world we live in today, we feel this couldn’t be of more importance.

    We created a short film we titled “Escape”, in which a woman travels through a futuristic world in search of regaining control of her digital life. You can watch it here.

    The Opera browser features two special edition animated themes, inspired by the film. Try them out by going to the Easy Setup section in the top-right corner of the screen."
    The Chromium has been updated to version 73.0.3683.86.

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  • New update - Opera stable 60.0.3255.56 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.

    - DNA-76440 [Win] Review: Scaling Speed Dials for 4k,FHD on 100%.
    - DNA-76904 Mouse gestures doesn’t work on some pages.
    - DNA-77228 Download page is blank.
    - Fixes for some crashes.
    - DNA-77250 Chromecast popup is to small.

    The Chromium has been updated to version 73.0.3683.103.

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  • New, small updates: Opera 60.0.3255.59, and Opera 58.0.3135.132 (for Mac and Windows) ;-)
    The announcement.
    "Today we have a small updates containing a new HTTP certificate pin for our VPN service. The update pin is available in builds 58.0.3135.132 and 60.0.3255.59." The change is implemented via DNA-77451 Add USERTrustECCCertificationAuthority to Freedom proxy pins.

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  • The new light theme makes my eyes burning. Now there's no visual boundaries between the bookmarks bar and the address bar. The sidebar disappears without a trace, though I just wanted to hide it and see at the Speed dial tab only. The last few updates "make me cry" since I cannot switch off the auto-update (Windows version).

  • @l33t4opera Please... leave well enough alone. The previous Opera was perfect. It now seems to have just been changed fr "arty" reasons instead of user friendly reasons.

  • Hi @jolang, some users also requested to be able to enable the sidebar only for SD, perhaps Opera will consider it in one of the future updates.

    Hi @viton, I'm afraid that I don't understand what you want to say. Could you write it in other words, please?

    By the way: I'm one of the users, so I am in the same position to convince the Opera's guys as any other user. You might have better luck, when you file a report using the Opera's wizard, or simply adding your comment on the Opera's Desktop Team blog.

  • New update - Opera stable 60.0.3255.70 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    "We have corrected some issues, which were causing sudden crashes to Opera. We also made extensions actions hidden in the overflow menu, when they occupy more than 1/3 of the toolbar size.

    Finally, we fixed the issue, where your previous wallpaper color would blink on the Speed Dial."
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  • @l33t4opera could you also do something with the themes' colors? Let users choose colors maybe with some 'flags' option.
    There are always going to appear complaints like that since your UI designers seem to be perfectionists so they only spoil the good enough UI.

  • Hi 😃
    I just agree with @viton. The new user interface is just.... 🤮
    With Dark mode off, it's just burning your eyes, and with dark mode on, it's just ugly.
    Why did you just rounded everything ? Why there is no contrast anymore ? I didn't wanted to get Chrome, I downloaded Opera. For Years now.
    The last one was perfect.

  • New update - Opera stable 60.0.3255.83 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    "It contains some fixes for the UI, bookmark list, and the Crypto Wallet. We also made colors in the dark theme more contrast, and readable."
    Some of important fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-77248 [Win10 & Linux] Autofill is unreadable, when system theme is dark.
    - DNA-77464 Cannot make a snap of website part hidden above upper edge.
    - DNA-77490 [Mac] Opera window does not open, when clicking on the icon.
    - DNA-77571 Highlighted O-menu inverse colour, when sidebar is hidden.
    - DNA-77696 Bring back start-page preload service to stabilization branches.
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  • New update for Windows - Opera stable 60.0.3255.84 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    "This is a quick Opera stable update with a crash fix for Windows.
    We addressed GPU fix, that caused black screen crash for some users on Opera startup. "
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  • New update - Opera stable 60.0.3255.95 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    "It contains some crash fixes, and UI improvements."
    - DNA-76715 [Mac] Unable to open context menu with Ctrl+Click on inactive tab.
    - DNA-77702 Default start page wallpaper renders very slowly, if you don’t have hardware acceleration.
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  • New update - Opera stable 60.0.3255.109 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    This build includes fix for a crash, which occurred in the previous version.
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  • New update for macOS - Opera stable 60.0.3255.116 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.

    "This is an update for macOS to prevent CPU spikes, while access to the microphone is allowed. There’s one more fix – minimizing Opera, while it’s not the active application."

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  • New update - Opera stable 60.0.3255.151 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    We added “Use bigger tiles” and personal news options to the Settings page, and fixed issue with minimizing Opera on MacOS, if it is inactive application. We also changed color of the extensions bar in dark theme to dark gray.
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  • New update - Opera stable 60.0.3255.170 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    This update includes fix for the browser freezing, when dragging a URL from the address field to the bookmarks bar.
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