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"Google translate" has no voice

  • I have recently joined the Opera community because I've been told good things about it. However, as I'm a regular user of the Google translate feature, I've noticed that the option of the voice is no longer available, whereas it is there in other browsers. I wonder why this happens and if there's an explanation for this problem. I'd appreciate any help.

  • I have the same thing here.

  • The same problem here. It was working a few weeks ago...

  • Yes, there is an explanation: "Google is browser-sniffing".
    They bugged and are obviously still bugging Opera-users with old layouts of theirs. Opera team is in contact and trying to fix it.

  • Ok then, thank you for the info a lot. It seems we have no other choice but expect the "update", if it is correct to consider it as an update.

  • Click the "Send feedback" link at the bottom right of Google Translate page and speak your mind to the "awesome and friendly" Google devs.

    Edit: Guys, I discovered the reason. The speaker doesn't appear when you're using the NPAPI Flash player, but when you use the latest Opera 23 Developer with the latest PPAPI Flash beta the speaker appears.

  • How did you use PPAPI Flash Player? I tried Flash Player 14 beta with flag activated but the browser did not find it.

  • Are you using Opera Developer 23 as rafaelluik mentioned ?.

  • Are you using Opera Developer 23 as rafaelluik mentioned ?.


  • Have you downloaded the "plug-in for Windows – for all PPAPI based browsers" from that page and installed?

    Opera 23 identifies it automatically, no flags or command line switches (I encourage you to reset them perhaps).

    Since I have the NPAPI plug-in installed I went to opera:plugins to check. Flash player appears with a (2), when you click the Show details button it'll expand to show you the two kinds of plug-ins recognized, I disabled the NPAPI one (though I don't believe this is necessary).

  • I can see now the listen button.