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Does the '-user-data-dir' flag for profiles no longer works?

  • I use Opera with two profiles, one personal and the other corporate, I use the -user-data-dir flag to launch the two profiles with the same executable. I have the profiles in the pendrive and the executable (aka kernel) I copy it to the HDD so that it runs a little faster than if it were in the pendrive.

    Since one or two updates, no matter how much I've deleted and reinstalled Opera either by choosing the option "USB standalone" or the specific installer for portable, Opera completely ignores the -user-data-dir flag.

    The command I use is:
    "C:\Temp\Opera Kernel\opera.exe" -user-data-dir="P:\PortableApps\Opera Profiles\PF1"

  • It's --user-data-dir=. As in, there are two '-' before 'user'.

    On a side, you should be passing to launcher.exe instead of a specific opera.exe and the path to opera.exe changes every time Opera updates. But, that might not matter in your case since it sounds like you're already making sure your're dealing with the right opera.exe. But, heads up anyway.

  • Holy sh🤬!

    It hurt me up a lot, but it worked at first attempt. I'll be about one year with using profiles this way and it has worked for me so far.

    I find it hard to believe because looking at my historial all the pages point to me --user-data-dir but now when I check out the two sets of shortcuts, the RocketDock shortcuts and a .BAT file that I have to automate the operations with files and the execution of Opera profiles, everything comes with just one - and I assure you that RocketDock and the .BAT haven't been modified.

    And it's also not an update thing since I've been downloading previous versions with the same result.

    Where's the hidden cam?🧐

    PD. The key is that works again, thnks @burnout426