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UI is laggy - only runs at 60 fps on 144 Hz monitor

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    The UI is still laggy and unresponsive on a high refresh rate monitor. Installed and instantly deleted Opera once again.

  • Situation is being monitored in bug DNA-68444, but no activity in a while and still, no one has been able to reproduce the problem. 😞

  • Looking through your older posts (including the linked thread), I didn't see that you ever tried to disable hardware acceleration just to test how it behaves in Opera then. Not suggesting that as a solution, but a test. You can do this under opera://settings/system and then restart Opera. Or, you can launch Opera from the command line with the --disable-gpu switch too/instead. See if needed for doing that on Mac.

    Are these still your systems?


    You need a 500+ Hz mouse

    What mouse do you have btw?

    and the desktop should actually be running at 240 fps behind Opera

    Did you mean something specific about the desktop should be running at 240 other than the monitor refresh rate being set and showing as so in the display settings for the OS?


    Yes, I've overclocked the HDMI port (headless display which is always on just for audio) going to my AV receiver to 120/144 Hz for my 240 and 144 Hz monitors respectively. I didn't have stuttering due to the mismatch

    Could you expand on this? How did you overclock it?

    I don't use the two monitors together, but only either one monitor and the AVR.

    Do both HDMI connections run from the GPU through the AVR where you switch inputs on the AVR to select which monitor? If so, have you tried connecting the gpu to the monitor directly to bypass the receiver altogether? Even if other browsers work fine with it, it'd be interesting to see if makes a difference for Opera.

    Is there any way you can make a high-fps video that shows the difference between Chrome and Opera for example so there's a visual of the problem?