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  • I have been using Opera for about 8 years. This is the first time I get a message saying Opera has run out of memory.

    I have 128 gigabytes of memory.. I never run out of memory.. so this has to be a Opera screwup.. I think I will go back to Chrome for awhile while Opera Developers pull the heads out of their ass's and fix what ever it is they fucked up.

  • @sheepie What OS? What Opera version? What extensions? How many tabs open? How long was Opera open prior to the problem happening? What other apps were running, if any? How often does the problem occur? What things have you tried to fix it? Have you searched the Opera forum for similar issues (and solutions)? Did you even bother to read the pinned thread regarding how to post about problems here ( ) before posting your obscenity-laced accusation?

  • My latest Opera v58.03135.53 on Win 8, 64Bit (But apparently 32 Bit Opera)
    Nothing else running beyond Notebook.
    Never seen this before:

    "OUT of memory
    Either Opera ran out of memory or the process for the webpage was terminated for some other reason.
    Try reloading the page, or navigate to another page to continue.

    Reload this page"

    Reloading the page worked OK.

  • @xpvb48

    If you search this forum for "out of memory", you will find some reports about this problem, e.g., which does not only affect Windows users.

    Does this error message occur after an Opera restart each time a particular web page is called for the first time (= is this error reproducible)? If yes, which one?

    BTW, "out of memory" does not necessarily have to refer to the RAM.