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Dark theme should be darker (or have a black theme option)

  • The current dark theme is nice (definitely my preference), but feels pale and blurry to me because the grays are fairly light. The darker grays and black used within Settings when dark theme is enabled are very nice, and would look nice in the rest of the experience.

  • @isaacnc I agree. I have been using Opera non-stop for a long time (I've used the 12 or 15 version on the old engine), but the dark theme from "recent". And I can not imagine the bright mode setting right now. It is a pity that, for example, "Bookmarks", "History", "Downloaded files" are white in a dark theme.

  • @jojo0587 There is a much better black theme in the latest version of Opera Developer. It could still be better, but it's really very good. I recommend checking out the black theme in Office 365, such as the excel shot from this post. Some people will not be able to tell the difference, but those of us who prefer a black theme will be annoyed by the black tab background and gray address bar. I think that bar can get darker. Also I think it would add a lot of value to add a themes feature and a framework that can take an xml file or a css file to control the colors. More people will switch to your browser when they see someone else's screen and say 'omg that is cool' or when they can download a theme from another site and in 3 clicks change their color scheme entirely. Plus that gets developers out of the business of trying to decide which color scheme the most people want and hoping they get it right.

  • @op3000 Office 365? No, thank You, definitely NO. I use the free LibreOffice. Because it is free, because I will do it SAMO as in Microsoft Office and because LibreOffice DOES NOT have a look similar to Microsoft Office, impractical appearance! But back to the Opera. I have the latest version of Developer installed and generally I like the dark theme. In addition to the Opera Menu and context menu. For me it looks like it was made in a version with high contrast for people with eye defect.

  • add another dark theme 👍

  • @al-tair, add another dark theme? No. Better idea: add configurator themes. If someone wants to do it a pink theme, and someone else can have white, gray, blue, green. This is the best solution.