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Advantages of Opera over Iron or Chrome?

  • I like the ability to control things. I loved Opera 12 for that but its impossible to use these days as its so incompatible with so many websites, so sad. Now I use Firefox but its also not compatible with a few websites so I'm looking for a Chromium based browser that has more options/control than Google Chrome. Any suggestions? Is Opera a candidate?

  • If you wait around long enough, there will be MS's Edge chromium based browser and I understand it will be able to use Google massive extensions. There's also Brave and Vivaldi and of course, Chromium itself. I think FF's days are numbered primarily because it is NOT chromium. I like Opera but it really depends upon what you're looking for: a suite with built-in options (Vivaldi)… a privacy based browser (Brave).

  • I like the ability to control things. I loved Opera 12 for that

    You want Vivaldi then. Its target is pretty much Opera 12 power users. And, since it's based on Chromium, you get most of the features Chrome has + a zillion ones that Vivaldi adds on top. The user interface is a little bit slower than Chrome and Opera though. But, you might not notice.

    With Opera, there's way less control and some settings are restricted because of advertising deals.

    Also note that just because you use a Chromium browser doesn't mean you can do everything that Chrome does. Chrome has support for proprietary codecs built right into it via ffmpeg instead of using the operating system's. It pretty much means better compatibility. Also, while other Chromium browsers can use Chrome extensions, Opera for example doesn't support all Chrome APIs. So, some extensions are just not supported. Opera also blocks some things in certain extensions. Also, some Chrome features require Google API keys that aren't allowed to be used by other Chromium browsers. Long story short, while you can gain privacy and extra control when using Opera and Vivaldi for example, you lose some compatibility. So, if you don't care about Google with your info, you're better off using Chrome so that you get the full experience. Then, you use extensions to add what Opera and Vivaldi have. Of course, you won't be able to totally recreate all features with extensions.

    In short, there are just pros and cons to each.

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