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Can I run 2 versions of Opera on the same machine without conflicts

  • Hi all, first post in here.

    I am still running 12.17 as I don't like the new version (no arguments about this please, and let's not start yet another war about the pro's and cons of either version, I just don't get on with the newer one), but I am now finding that a few sites I visit don't work very well.

    I'm thinking about installing the newer version just to use for browsing these sites, who knows, maybe I'll even get to like it eventually and use it for everything, but I'm not ready to take the great leap of faith yet, give me time, I'm an old dog and I'm slow to learn new tricks !

    I'm a bit of a virgin when it comes to running two copies of the same program on one machine, so I have to ask;
    Can I have both versions installed?, and will it cause any problems?, if I can, when I download the newer version (again), will it try to overwrite 12.17? and how do I stop this?

    [Thread closed as a duplicate of Can I have more than 1 version of Opera on my PC?]

  • Install the other Opera to a different program folder[1] or as single user installation to your user folder[2].

    [1] In Installer select Options
    Install for All Users on this computer
    Select Path to your program folder

    [2] In Installer select Options
    Install for Current User
    Select Path to your user folder

  • Can I have both versions installed?
    Yes you can. You can even install 12.x and 21+ in the same folder, they won't conflict because the folder and files architecture is very different.
    Please search before posting (you'd have found for example this thread.

    Even if you want to install in a different folder, there's no need to select "Install for Current User".