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Opening speed dial folder separates the tabs from the folder

  • Hello community!

    I've been experiencing an issue with Opera for several months now (currently on version 56.0.3051.104) where Speed Dial folder links open in new tabs in a manner that seems contradictory to normal browser behavior.

    Whenever speed dial folder links are opened from the speed dial page (right click a folder > open all in new tabs), the tabs open to the right of the speed dial tab, but also open separately becoming the 1st new tab (immediately to the right of the speed dial tab), and the last new tab (the furthest right tab from the speed dial tab) enveloping any tabs that had been opened just prior to the opening of the speed dial folder.

    If I had a Speed Dial tab opened and nothing else, then opened a tab for Gmail, the Gmail tab would be the first new tab immediately to the right of the Speed Dial tab:

    [Speed Dial] - [Gmail]

    If I then "right click > Open all in new tabs" a folder with links inside for Facebook and Twitter (in that order in the Speed Dial folder respectively), my tab order is now:

    [Speed Dial] - [Facebook] - [Gmail] - [Twitter]

    Instead of the expected behavior/order of:

    [Speed Dial] - [Gmail] - [Facebook] - [Twitter]


    • Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 - x64
    • Opera version 56.0.3051.104

    It's nothing serious, but a tad annoying. Has anyone else noticed this behavior? I haven't done anything to try and resolve the problem yet as its not annoying enough to warrant the effort of troubleshooting/uninstalling/reinstalling, but in my searching of this forum and Google I haven't seen the issue reported by others so I figured I'd at least post and see!