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New tab and Express panel struggle

  • Hi!
    A little introduction. Lately, I struggled with my browser using too many resources. And after some searching and testing, I came back to Opera since I can't even remember how long, around 10 years. And I have two major problems, that I just can't solve with Google Search.
    And funny enough, first is mainly about Google Search and alike. When I click on a search result, for example, it opens in the same, which is really, really bothering for me. I've found two solutions browsing Google: 1) Just to click Middle Mouse Button or open it in New Tab through Right-Click; 2) To install some Google Chrome extension that will force Left-Click to open those links in New Tab. The first solution just doesn't work for me, with time I got so used to Left-Click opening links like that in New Tab, that it's just unchangeable at that point, it's part of me. The second solution just doesn't work, I tried a bunch of those extensions, they do nothing. Here's example of what happens when I left-click link in the search result (sorry for Russian there 🙂 ). Just to clarify, "Open each selected result in a new browser window" setting in Google is "On".
    The second major problem for me is the express panel. I've got so used to Speed Dial 2 with time, while Using Chrome, Vivaldi and Firefox, that it's just irreplaceable for me. With help of Google, I managed to install it to working state. But I can't get rid of express panel fully. Just watch This. You can see the glimpse of the express panel. It bothers me soo much 😄.
    So, please, help me with this two problems if possible! 🙂

  • Hi Repter
    About your first request:
    I'm not familiar with extensions that change left click, but ...if they do, they will alter probably links on all pages that you visit
    I'm using extension for dragging links (on search or any other page)
    Simply drag link with left click (up, or down) and it will open in new tab

    additionally, opera have internal mouse gesture for dragging links (right click on the link and drag it down)... but it can't be customized...

    about second:
    Opera doesn't allow changing new tab page like chrome does, but....there are some extensions that can help with that
    (yea, you need two extension, one to change new tab page into something and another, in your case Speed dial 2)

    since you already installed Speed dial 2 from chrome web store you are familiar with the process how to install chrome extension
    Anyway, install Custom New tab page extension

    then when you open new tab, enter this for URL in input field:
    and press ok

    now, when you open new tab it should be your Speed Dial 2

  • Hi, vux777
    Thank you, for your reply!
    First request:
    So, basically, there is no way to just make it like it almost any other browser, when left click just opens the link in new tab? 😞
    Second request:
    I'm sorry for the confusion, totally my fault. I have Chrome New tap page installed and set up. And it works almost great. But, if you'll come back to the video I linked in the original post, you'll see a flash of the express panel, milliseconds before Speed Dial tab opens. I'm sorry I didn't make the video fullscreen, just didn't want to share my Speed Dial pages with the whole internet 🙂

  • @repter
    yea, that blinking is kinda trade off.... extension is faking new tab behavior by fast closing new tab and opening desired page... I don't think you will get better results from that

    about google search:
    I've just tested it in Opera stable 56.0.3051.104 build on win10 x64
    and it works fine....when I click on any of search results it's opened in new tab
    you are logged into your google account right?
    otherwise it won't work

  • @vux777
    Yes, I'm logged in Google. I've got Windows 10x64 as well and Opera stable 56.0.3051.104.
    Here's how Google acts for me in:

    1. Firefox
    2. Microsoft Edge
    3. Opera
      P.S. All those videos are a left-click on a link, with the same account with same settings, and this thing checked.
  • @repter
    i could only suggest that you try in private window that scenario
    (maybe some extension is breaking g-search behavior, and by default they dont work in private window)

    if that doesn't help, you should write bug report

  • @vux777
    Funny thing, I tried the incognito mode and It didn't do anything, links were still opening in the same tab, even though none of the extensions were working at a time.
    But then I tried turning off extensions one by one in standard mode and I found out that it was Custom New tab page extension that did this. I turned off two settings, even though they don't directly block new tabs, but it did the trick. Now left-click in a link opens it in a new tab. Just needed to restart Opera.
    Thank you, Vux777, for your advice!