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This site can’t provide a secure connection (PROBLEM)

  • I have been trying to watch movies online and i keep getting this "This site can’t provide a secure connection" and "The client and server don't support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite. This is likely to be caused when the server needs RC4, which is no longer considered secure." I am using windows XP and Opera version 36.0.2130.80. Please help, thank you in advance.
    Screenshot is included0_1541158004808_Picture1.png

  • The message looks as if your system is attempting to negotiate encrypted communications with the site and cannot find a mutually common cipher suite, of which R4 is only one of multiple candidates. (The RC4 stream cipher has been rated as insecure for some time now, and in 2016 Microsoft has terminated its use in Windows versions later than XP. In 2015, Cloudflare disabled the RC4 cipher algorithm for all websites using Cloudflare services. XP retains its built-in RC4 cipher capability, but online-facing apps like browsers still may not allow connections via RC4, since it's no longer secure.) Two possibilities exist: Because of its age, XP may lack the particular newer eliptic-curve cipher suites demanded by many modern websites, so negotiation cannot succeed in finding a suitable match. Alternatively, the site may be running obsolete ciphers and is being blocked by Opera not accepting negotiations for an insecure cipher suite such as RC4, even if it's contained in XP... the message hints at the latter explanation, but is not fully conclusive.

    For comparison, have you tried the site with another browser on that system (like Internet Explorer)?

  • @blackbird71 Yes i tried with some other and browser and it works fine, the thing is that i prefer using Opera because it works better on my computer and i wouldn't like to switch browsers every now and then just to open certain websites.

  • @ghostdog1 Unfortunately, it's virtually impossible to think that Opera would deploy a new option to allow an insecure, discontinued "secure" cipher protocol to be used by its browser - particularly for a browser version for XP that is no longer being updated or developed. The unpleasant reality is that you're facing one of the ever-increasing number of issues involved in using obsoleted software (and possibly equipment). While your configuration may have long been sufficient for your needs (and pocketbook), the fast-evolving digital world will continue creating ever more obstacles to using that system as you've been accustomed. I used Windows 98 First Edition for 11+ years before it just became too difficult to take it online with any security and expectation of functionality... its application software had become way too obsolete functionally and newer Win98-compatible application software upgrades ceased being issued.