Need to select "Fit to Width" when open new window

  • Tue 20 May 2014, 12:04 pm


    This has been happening forever, and I have just been too lazy to attack the problem aggressively.

    I have a 23 inch monitor. Every time I open a new page in Opera, it is all scrunched up until I go to "View" and click "Fit to Width." This is consistent regardless of whether "Fit to Width" in the dropdown menu is checked or not. Not the biggest problem in the world, but can be annoying and I would love to make it go away. Any way to set a default so that the page automatically fits to my wide screen? BTW, none of the other "Brand" browsers do this to me.

    Thanks for any help.

    Rex in Thailand

  • You don't have anything else selected (ticked) in 'Menu / Page / Styles' other than 'Author mode', do you ?.

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