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Opera Mail suddenly reports no new messages no matter what

  • Just to double-check though, goto "All Messages/Received" in Opera Mail and click the "settings for this view" icon on the mailing list toolbar and check all the "Show" options to see if they appear.

    Also, try disabling threading for the view just to see if they appear (reason: known funky bug with threading).

  • @burnout426 I know they weren't stored anywhere because, as I said in my first e-mail: I ran FileMon while requesting mail. The bad account makes the initial reads of omailbase.dat (which keeps track of all the messages in the store folder for all accounts) and nothing more. A good account makes these initial reads of omailbase.dat, then writes it and reads again, and then reads the uidl file for the account (which identifies which e-mails have been read previously for that account), and then continues with reads and writes of the uidl files and other files.

  • @burnout426 I have no idea if AOL accounts are free or not., I got mine due to the Verizon change. I have 6 e-mail accounts and I thought only one of them gives this problem, but I just checked them and found that now 3 do.

  • @sbruce45 said in Opera Mail suddenly reports no new messages no matter what:

    I have no idea if AOL accounts are free or not.,

    I checked. Yes, it's free to sign up. But, sign up requires a valid mobile number for verification.

  • @redangellion said in Opera Mail suddenly reports no new messages no matter what:

    Here's my log:

    Looking at it more, I see that that after the server is done finishing the sending of the LIST command results, Opera immediately sends out a QUIT command. Opera never sends on RETR commands

    I also see that Yahoo POP uses the same J-POP server and version as the one in the AOL. The server in the AOL log doesn't say it supports UIDL like the Yahoo one does. I read an old issue for Thunderbird when Yahoo POP didn't support UIDL (used for "leave message on server) where you had to turn off "leave message on server" to receive messages or to fetch only headers or limit the maximum size of a message. Given that, I guess you could look at the logs of working accounts and non-working accounts to see if the working ones show the server reporting UIDL support when Opera issues the CAPA command and no UIDL mentioned in the non-working logs. Then, for the problem accounts, in Opera Mail, uncheck "leave messages on server" and make sure "low-bandwidth mode" is off. Maybe that'll do the trick (with the downside that it'll remove all messages from the server, so try with a test account).

    If that turns out to be the case, you might investigate why the server doesn't report UIDL support sometimes and perhaps only with Opera.

    Big guess there, but something to try.

  • @burnout426 Can you tell me where there is an AOL log, how to access it? Thanks.

  • @burnout426 Wow, that's great. Thanks. Earlier I was going to say wouldn't it be great if Opera had a log, and there it is. I tried removing the check mark on 'Leave messages on server' but still nothing received.
    I logged a bad account and a good account. Following are the differences. Account5 is the bad account and Account7 is the good account.

    account 5 says: Maildrop Ready (JPOP server ready)
    account 7 says: server ready

    account5 says:
    16/09-2018 21:17:23 POP IN: +OK CAPA list follows

    account7 says:
    16/09-2018 21:18:37 POP IN: +OK Capability list follows

    accoun5 says: POP OUT: LIST
    the list of all messages
    and then POP OUT: QUIT

    account7 says before POP OUT LIST:

    16/09-2018 21:18:37 POP OUT: UIDL

    16/09-2018 21:18:37 POP IN: +OK 1 messages
    1 147980.DxIYByy,nDjhHlPCiP7ToVj7hok=
    account7 then has list of messages followed by
    16/09-2018 21:18:37 POP OUT: RETR 1
    16/09-2018 21:18:38 POP IN: +OK message follows

    account5, after QUIT says:
    16/09-2018 21:17:23 POP IN: +OK Server signing off.

    account7, after QUIT says:
    16/09-2018 21:18:38 POP IN: +OK closing connection

  • Yeah, it looks like things work fine when the server says it supports UIDL and tells the server that it supports it too.

    @sbruce45 said in Opera Mail suddenly reports no new messages no matter what:

    Hmm, I wonder if you could use that as the incoming server for the bad account to target the better server instead of getting one dynamically routed. That's assuming all user accounts are available through all servers though. But, something to try.

  • @burnout426 Can you tell me how to select a server. I am surprised I get different servers for different accounts. All I do is click on check/send to get e-maill for all accounts, or I pick a specific account. No wonder it happened on different systems at same time if AOL directed me to a bad server for the same account.

  • @sbruce45 In Opera, on the "Servers" tab in the account's properties, change the incoming server from or whatever it is to a specific server and retype the username and password. If it doesn't let you log in, look at the log. It may reveal why more specifically. Again, something to try.

  • @burnout426 Thanks for all your help. I tried changing the server by putting 'foo.' (without quotes) in front of server name. It didn't reject the server name, but I got same results. It's the same server name supplied for all the accounts, but some use MailDrop OK and no UIDL capability and others just OK with UIDL capability, and it is consistent with the account.

  • @sbruce45 said in Opera Mail suddenly reports no new messages no matter what:

    I tried changing the server by putting 'foo.' (without quotes) in front of server name.

    You didn't literally put 'foo' for the server name did you? I meant to put for the server name or any other servers the good accounts use.

    Just want to make sure.

  • @burnout426 All accounts are sent to server How would I know of any name like core-acd05e to place before it. When verizon stopped handling e-mail last year they transferred all mail to aol and we still use the verizon server name. Everything worked fine until the end of July.

  • @sbruce45 said in Opera Mail suddenly reports no new messages no matter what:

    All accounts are sent to server might not be a real server and might just be a redirect to AOL's POP server Judging by your account 7 (which you said was the good account) connection log in this post, it shows:

    account7, after QUIT says:

    16/09-2018 21:18:38 POP IN: +OK closing connection

    , which leads me to believe that might be true.

    Since account 7 uses (at least that time of the log) and it works, using (with port 995 and TLS checed) directly might help.

    Also, maybe using directly instead of might somehow solve the problem too. Maybe aol handles redirects from incorrectly sometimes and redirects to an older aol server.

    Also, instead of using and, you might be able to just use where the server determines POP or SMTP just by the port you use (995 for POP, 465 or 587 for SMTP, all with TLS checked).

    So, I'd try things as if you had an actual account and use the aol servers directly to see if it makes any difference.

  • @burnout426 Each of the good accounts has a different aol server name when it is closing the connection. The bad ones simply say server signing off. I tried setting the actual aol server name, like, of a good account as the server both for a bad account and the account that it is associated with. In both cases there is a Connect by the client and an immediate Disconnect by the server.

  • @sbruce45 Okay. For the last thing for now, can you try setting the server to

  • @burnout426 Unfortunately, not. First try had a certificate error which I accepted, but still no luck. Retries went through without certificate error. Nothing received. The logs show the same as did.

  • Okay. If I have any other ideas, I'll let you know.

  • Hmm, I wonder. I think the AOL servers use the Yahoo mail infrastructure. I wonder if you can log in via using your AOL/Verizon email address and password. If so, you could go to, make sure 2-step verification is off and enable "Allow apps that use less secure sign in" (to turn on POP). Then, you can try accessing your POP mail in Opera Mail via + port 995 + TLS checked. SMTP would be + port 465 + TLS checked.

    If it doesn't work by replacing the server name in the existing account, try creating a new account in Opera Mail to try it.

    It's another big if, but it you can connect that way, maybe you'll get connected to a better server.

    (It still appears Opera Mail has an issue with some of the servers. Just don't know why other than Opera Might not support non-UIDL POP connections or something. All these suggestions are to just try and avoid servers that Opera Mail doesn't like as I'm not sure how to fix the issue with those servers.)