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Zoom problem with "change the size of text" Windows setting.

  • Hey all, sorry for a somewhat long message, but I tried to be as specific as possible.

    I have a laptop with high resolution (3840x2160), so in Windows Display Settings I have the "Scale and Layout -> Change the size of test, apps, and other items" value at 200% . And apparently that's causing some issues with the overall zoom or visualization of the page, because sometimes when I switch tabs, the text in the new tab is very very small (it looks like before that 200% is applied maybe).

    You can see in both images the zoom is at 100%. (I just saw I have a pending update.. let me know if you fixed this issue there). I'm using Opera Beta 55.0.2994.29, but I've seen this issue for a while, before the latest updates.

    Unfortunately I haven't found specific steps to consistently reproduce the issue, but it happens once like every 15 minutes or so (Just an approximate, sometimes it happens very often, and sometimes it doesn't happen at all.. of course it depends on how often I switch tabs). I feel like it's a race condition somewhere, because sometimes I initially see the small text for a millisecond, and almost immediately goes back to the size it should be.
    If I change the zoom of the page, then it uses the correct font size to zoom (I mean, if I run into a page with this (let's call it) 50% font, if I zoom in, I end up with the 110% font). If I do Ctrl+0 (zero) nothing happens, because I guess the zoom is "already" at 100%.

    I have another laptop with this display setting at 125% and I've never seen this issue there, so I'm not sure where could be the problem exactly.

    I'll continue trying to get some consistent steps to reproduce, but let me know if you know something about this. (To get the screenshots, I already had a window with multiple tabs, and I "opened in new tab" a bunch of more, and I could reproduce the issue by switching between them for a few seconds.
    I usually manage like 6 different Opera windows with like 6-8 tabs each, if that helps identifying what the problem could be.



    I have Windows 10 Pro x64, Version 1709, OS Build 16299.492
    Intel Core i7-7500 CPU @ 2.70 GHz 2.90 GHz
    RAM 16.0 GB