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Opera + Adblock not blocking popups

  • Are Opera hindering the adblockers in some way?

    I get popups with ads on some sites even with the 'block all popups'-function in Opera and I've also tried all three adblockers. With adblock and adblock+ the popup opens in a new tab and with adguard it opens as an actual popup.

    Edit: Windows 8.1, maybe should have placed it under Windows but anyway.

    Edit2: The adnetwork is and it doesn't work to add it manually to the filterlist either.

  • I am able to block using Opera 12 (I've not yet encountered a page with There is one issue with the old content filter, which I've reported, but which will not be fixed since Opera is no longer developed, that some uppercase characters will not be matched as filters, for example,* (uppercase A).

    You could use Dragonfly to identify the exact urls and servers where ads are downloaded from. Reload your page with Dragonfly open. Start from the top of the Network Log. Skip what looks like normal page content. Then block the following obvious ad servers or scripts on the main server. This will stop loading some of what is listed later in the log. Restart Opera, open Dragonfly again, and load your page again. Refine your urlfilter to filter out advertisements that are still being loaded.

    If you are inquiring about The Pirate Bay, which does call, the site is clean for me. For a while they used sneaky methods to get popups to show. It is them and not Opera (apart from exploitable uppercase urls) that is working hard to show those ads. They use a random filename for the popup script, which you cannot block (because it's generated by a code and is different). Sometimes a popup still opens for me, but it is blank.

    If you're talking about Opera / Chromium (versions 15-19), then there is no internal ad filter to speak of. The issue is with the plugin or proxy you use.

  • I'm using Opera 18.

    I guess I'll report it to all the adblockers then since neither of them blocks it.

    But what makes me wonder is why the 'block all popups'-function fails to block it?

    Edit: Anyway, solved it by disabling javascript for the concerned sites.