Dragging in Opera Mobile

  • Many sites have dragging options particularly sites with embedded Google Maps such as Wikimapia, or an online sky viewer such as www.wikisky.org.
    But with Opera it is impossible to drag within the map. Many website makers do not take touchscreens in account. So the browser makers might help with the acceptation of using existing websites on a touchscreen browser without using the usually limited functionality of so-called 'mobile' websites.

    Yes, I know, a touchscreen does not know how to handle finger swipe events are it mouse moves, scrolls or drags ??

    A solution can be a two (or even three) finger swipe. Three fingers can be optional als two fingers are 'already' used for pinch but I think that does not bother it as some apps (not browser) have this combination.

    • Swiping with one finger : usual scroll / pan behavior.
    • Swiping with two/three fingers : dragging a map (or a drag & drop website).
    • Pinching with two fingers: zoom in the website overview as usual.
    • Pinching with three fingers (i.e. keeping two fingers on one side and moving a 3rd finger relative to the other two) : zoom within an embedded map.

    Then Opera will be the first browser to handle all websites with dragging, embedded map scrolling and zooming adequately.

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