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  • Hello there,

    The ALT+D shortcut select the address bar. But when it is already selected then the ALT+D combo will open the Opera menu.
    Do some users have the same problem?

    I unwillingly open this Opera menu several times a day because I don't notice the address bar being already selected.
    Like when I open a new tab (CTRL+T) sometimes I press ALT+D but address bar was already selected > Opera menu pops up
    Sometimes I close a tab (CTRL+W or CTRL+F4) and use ALT+D to enter a new url but the address bar was already selected > Opera menu pops up.
    Sometimes I mistype a URL and instead of correcting it I prefer to retype the whole thing. I could CTRL+A or CTRL+L to select it again and retype it but my finger have already pressed ALT+D and guess what, Opera's menu has already popped.

    After several tries, it seems to be due to the ALT + D sequence

    By example when address bar is selected :

    • press ALT, press D, release D, release ALT => no Opera menu
    • press ALT, press D, release D and ALT at the same time => no Opera menu
    • press ALT, press D, relase ALT, release D => Opera menu
      Unfortunatelly for me, I always do the 3rd one, maybe a bad habit, I don't know.

    I tried it in Firefox (latest one 61.0.2), you can ALT+D all you want in every sequence you want, it will keep selecting the address bar and not pop the menu up.

    I know that you can use CTRL+L to select the address bar but ALT+D is faster to type because you don't have to move your hand. Between work and home I use IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera and only the latter have this weird behavior.

    Thank you 🙂

    An annoying user

  • @l3r4f ya may be cause 'n your own trouble..

    Step 1 - just tap ALT = opera menu

    Step 2 - tap & hold ALT while tap 'n D = select's the address bar

  • @nvmjustagirl

    Step 3 - repeat step 2 quickly = opera menu

  • I can confirm the issue and recently mentioned it in this sub-conversation:

    You'll have to "load more comments" at the bottom to see the replies I guess.

  • Do you remember where the other threads on this issue are?