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Importing bookmarks from old phones

  • I have two quesations:

    1. When I upgrade my phone, my old phone's bookmarks are gone. How can I import those old bookmarks. I faithfully log in to Opera and at times, I can see those old bookmarks, but they're in the "other devices" area. I'd like to have easy access to my old phone's bookmarks on my new phone and on my desktop.

    2. Related to the above, when I have Opera open, how can I intentionally access these "other devices" bookmarks? I say "intentionally" because I can only see these bookmarks when I add a site to my favorites (the heart icon) and I can see "Other Speed Dials". To me, seeing the other bookmarks in this way is incidental.


  • @drdan I think you might be confusing bookmarks and Speed Dials. Bookmarks are text links in the bookmarks section of the Opera menu. Speed Dials are the square icons on the Opera home screen. Bookmarks sync automatically but speed dials don't.

    Although Speed Dials are separate on each device and don't automatically sync, you can import speed dials from your other devices. To import a Speed Dial, tap the icon at the bottom of the speed dial page that looks like a phone in front of a computer monitor with a star in the middle of it. Tapping that Icon will open an "Other Speed Dials" page showing you your Speed Dials on other phones. To import a single Speed Dial, do a long press on it and choose Import. You can import all your Speed Dials from another phone by taping the 3 dot menu at the top right of the "Other Speed Dials" display for that phone and choosing "Import all"

    Bookmark sync works for me. I have Opera for Android on multiple phones as well as Opera on my PC. I have bookmark sync enabled and all my Opera bookmarks are all synchronized across all my devices.

    If bookmark sync isn't working for you, I suspect it might be because you are running an old version of Opera Android as the current Version 47 does not have the heart icon you mentioned. Try upgrading to the current release to see it that resolves the issue.

  • @yeswap You are correct. I had been thinking Speed Dial when I typed bookmarks. Oops.

    Funny story: On my phone, at the bottom of the screen, as you wrote, I can click on the monitor with a phone in front and it will show my old phones' Speed Dials as well as my desktop's Speed Dials. I like that. Nevertheless, I can't do the same from my desktop PC. There must be some equivalent. This is my real question.


  • @drdan Never mind. I found it. Duh. It's located on the left bar where I have to click on the heart and it will take me to bookmarks. It then takes me to where I want to be: "Other Speed Dials".