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  • Well it obviously doesn't bother that many people, because in two days, apart from me, only one other person has responded to this thread. #shrugs#

  • This forum is a small representative of how many users may or may not want this setting, it's not the only channel of communication between users and Opera.

  • I agree with having option to customise font size, again Opera lacks in this basic field, they want to appear more clever but end up leaving a bad impression.

  • I also need an option of increasing font size on Android. Even default samsung browser has such option. Opera isn't ussble without this feature for me.

  • 1280x800 7inch screen here. One of the first things I noticed was that while I was fitting more web real estate on the screen, the default font size on many websites is small. Unfortunately Opera 12 runs with lag on my tablet while 22 runs smooth but has lost the functionality of old.

  • And evev if I try to scale manualy, text wrapping doesn't work when turbo mode is on.
    Is makes opera absolutely nonusable!

  • On my Nexus 5, the font size in Offroad (a.k.a. Mini) mode is too small as well. Everything works fine when using the Blink-based local renderer (i.e. Offroad/Mini switched off).

  • Please just add the 'Force enable zoom' feature from Chrome. I don't mind the zooming in when it is available. Just some idiot Web designers disable it.

  • I also need the old 2x tap for zoom&wrap with the possibility to fix my own zoom level. Please Opera Team unlock this feature.

  • I wanted opera on my Samsung Galaxy tablet just because it has word-wrap which Chrome doesn't have that.

    Downloaded Opera Mini first. Didn't have text wrap. Uninstall. Downloaded Opera 22. Pinch-to-zoom doesn't work on most websites. Double click doesnt work. opera:config doesn't work.

    Uninstalled Opera. Let me know when you fix that.

  • @eaglesdawn, What about Opera Classic ?.

  • Opera Classic doesn't open important sites.
    It's too bad that we watch such malfunctioning of this beautiful in the past browser 😞

  • Important sites for who ?, everyone has different ideas of what sites are important to them.

    Opera Classic works great for me, I find it renders the sites I visit better than the other browsers I have installed, and thus is my most used browser on Android. YMMV

  • Google and yahoo work today with opera classic. Good news!

  • 5.3 hd display, text very big too
    In opera classic always 100%

  • Bumping post and chiming in that the old way of scaling was much better than the new Chrome-like "let's make random blocks of text gigantic".

    I don't want any font scaling to be done for me.

  • Pls add the font size option. Really need it.

  • Need override zoom option too. Thx!

  • I also need to set the default font size.

  • I am very disappointed with android browsers. They allow the advertisements to take the majority of the screen. Default font is too small. Difficult to copy text on webpage to paste elsewhere.

    Difficult to edit what I type in a form field, comment field, new thread, etc. Unless i am using a slider smartphone with qwerty keyboard, I have to use a narrow stylus to move the cursor in betwwen words to correct error. Even a thin stylus which is thinner than my finger is too large. I have to tap several times to get the cursor in the right position. Very labor intensive. I dont know why tablets replaced laptops.