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    1. It constantly bullies you into updating when the choice should be yours.
    2. The dialogue update box has a cross that doesn't work.
    3. Even when you select "no" from time to time it tries to update anyway and only your computer security can stop it.
    4. There are no options within setting to stop updates.
    5. The whole speed dial garbage drastically slows down opening times.
      Why not just update? Well every piece of software constantly wants to update. I don't want the new BS version with different layouts, less options but more pointless garbage. Also you often find that some extension or whatever no longer works or it clashes with something else. Time the morons who create software just left things alone. OK?????
  • This has nothing with Malware.

    1. Chrome, Firefox & Windows do that to, it's a security measure to be sure that kids like you will not yell that Opera is allowing sites to mining on their PCs. Security updates protect games on your system and PC from malicious sites to stole any data and harm your PC.
    2. Seems like a bug, have nothing to do with malware.
    3. Windows Update do that too, so be sure to delete Windows folder.
    4. Same for other browsers, security measure.
    5. Do you know that you can disable Speed Dial, do you?

    So Opera is awesome browser, it's secure, it's fast, it's have more functionality than other browsers.

    Not a native English speaker.