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Can't play facebook videos or GIFS in Opera w/Linux Mint

  • May I have your attention please?

    Chromium 69 was released yesterday =>
    it will soon be on the repos of all major distros =>
    (for ubuntu users) chromium ffmpeg codecs will be upgraded =>
    opera's html5 support will break =>
    whining users will flood the forum again.

    So brace yourselves 😛

    For the rest of us, the debian/mageia/arch/fedora/opensuse/whatever users, the html5 support will remain incomplete as usual.

    Have a nice day 🙂

  • @jimunderscorep thannks for the info but how can i get the latest chromium ffmpeg codecs? please help

  • Im having the same issues, along with Dailymotion videos not working at all "Try updating your browser, or use a different one".
    Also, Nicotine is not working properly. It says theres an error due to Upnp support.
    This all came about when I updated to Linux Mint 19. So far, no help from the Update Manager.

  • Good news everyone!
    Opera 56 reached stable, so it should work with chromium ffmpeg codecs 69, so please do your upgrades and may the "broken html5/h264 support" whining stop for September.
    Thank you 🙂

  • Here's answer why OPERA don't play videos.

  • I solved the problem by updating my opera. My current version is 56.0.3051.43. If anyone has the same issue then go to download the latest version(.deb) install it.

  • Hey, it's that time of the month again!
    You know, the one that chromium gets updated from upstream, and a few days later distro's upgrade their chromium related packages.
    After that, ubuntu users flood the forum whining that opera is broken again.

    Please be patient 😛

  • any update on this?
    It kind suck 😞

  • Since nothing has changed, either on opera's side (support for more proprietary codecs) or on the sites' side (support of a different or open format, eg webm), things remain the same.
    In fact, I think it would be reasonable to say you should not expect a change in the years to come.

  • Download one of these:
    And put it into /usr/lib64/opera
    Overwrite if if there's the same file already

  • I have fixed the issue in my Arch Linux by installing opera-ffmpeg-codecs. I hope this helps to others.

  • This post is deleted!
  • This post is deleted!
  • tihs happened to me and i codunt find any solution for opera .so i uninstalled opera and installed opera -beta or opera developer version instead ..both works properly without any problems playing all videos..

  • @toof Thanks a lot, your solution works perfectly and you saved my time!

  • @toof On Ubuntu the path is /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera/

  • @toof This also fixed my issue after literally trying everything else and spending days trying to fix this. Thank you OP!

  • I've created script to automate a bit this thing, which @toof mentioned. It's written for Ubuntu and specific version to be downloaded but you can reassign the values as you need.


    cd /tmp
    wget$zip_name -q --show-progress

    sudo unzip -o $zip_name -d $dir_to_unzip

    rm $zip_name

  • @damianw345
    Sorry but I couldn't find the edit comment option.

    I've updated the script to always download latest version.

    latest_version_url=$(curl -s -L -I -o /dev/null -w '%{url_effective}')
    cd /tmp 
    wget$latest_version/$zip_name -q --show-progress
    sudo unzip -o $zip_name -d $dir_to_unzip
    rm $zip_name
  • My script for me (Debian/sid):

    dl_deb=_73.0.3683.86-0ubuntu0.18.10.1_amd64.deb  # modify the version number
    mkdir -p ${tmpfolder}
    wget ${dl_url}${dl_package}${dl_deb} -P ${tmpfolder}
    cd ${tmpfolder}
    ar -x ${dl_package}${dl_deb}
    tar -xJf data.tar.xz
    # with sudo
    sudo cp ${tmpfolder}/usr/lib/chromium-browser/ ${lib_opera}/
    # without sudo but run the script as root
    # cp ${tmpfolder}/usr/lib/chromium-browser/ ${lib_opera}/
    cd ..
    rm -r ${tmpfolder}