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Separate login for different parts of same site

  • How is Opera supposed to handle this?

    Credentials for site1:
    Credentials for site2:

    What I'm finding is that Opera doesn't suggest the appropriate credentials based on the full URL. Rather, it ignores everything past the domain name and just defaults to whichever credentials you used last on that domain. So you have to remember which credentials are appropriate, and if necessary, choose the right one in the pull-down.

    Couldn't it look a little further in the URL to know which credentials to suggest by default?

  • @rseiler said in Separate login for different parts of same site:
    Credentials for site1:
    Credentials for site2:

    As you noticed, there isn't site 1 and site 2. There's only one site in this case, which is They're just different paths on the same domain and all kinds of settings in browsers are sorted/grouped/contained by domain.

    If you have two different logins for a domain, it shouldn't matter what the path is. You just log in with the one you want. The last login you used being the default suggestion sounds okay to me.

    With that said I don't see why a browser couldn't suggest a different default based the the full URL if it wants to. I haven't tested this scenario, but I think the Lastpass extension can do that. I have a few entries that have a full URL instead of just a domain. It might be able to put a certain suggestion first if you're actually on the exact URL. But, I'm not sure.

    Do path1 and path2 send you to the same login form when you're not logged in? Does it redirect you back to path1 or path2 depending on the login info you put in? Just asking as there might be a way to bookmark each login form where you always load the bookmark you want. That might at least help you remember which one to choose in the drop-down. But, the depends on the site and how it's set up.

  • @burnout426

    Yes, I'm pretty sure LastPass does handle it, but I haven't tried it.

    Path1 and Path2 do not land on the same login form. It's effectively a different "site" (on the same domain) in that you see a different login page (different name, different graphics, etc). They are two distinct "sites" under the same domain.

    If you inadvertently enter the credentials for the "other" form, you are logged in to the "other" site, which is very tricky if you're not paying attention. This is why you always have to know where you are (which isn't difficult), remember which credentials are appropriate (which is), and then select the right credentials if it happens they're not the ones already showing.

    It's definitely possible to bookmark each one, and I have, but that doesn't help much with remembering the right credentials set.

  • I see. Do you know if any other browsers handle this situation better? That might carry some weight for a feature request.

    A custom extension might be a workaround. It could autofill the username based on the path or login form. Or, it could at least add something to the page showing you want site (path) you're on as a reminder.