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  • Hello, long time Opera (and then Mobile) user here. I would like to ask how to set default zoom for unoptimized pages. What I mean: Some pages have mobile versions and are on readable levels. Some, like this forum have good default zoom and the text is easy to read.

    But other sites are not, usually smaller sitez which are not that well optimized (example joomla forum, tvtropes) - every time you load a page there you have to zoom in manually. This becomes very tiring if you are loading page after page and need to always zoom in to be able to read it.

    I am on phone, so small display.

    I remember that in older versions of Opera Mobile, there was something like default zoom for such pages.

    Is there any solution that could help me?

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  • I also used to use this option, unfortunately it's not possible AFAIK, we need Opera to create a solution for this.
    Like I mentioned in another topic a minimum font size option would be even more ideal perhaps (no messing with the rest of the page zoom required).

  • Both options would be nice, or at least one of them. Anything better than what we have now, because not every webpage's designer will optimize the pages for such mobile browsing.

  • Zoomed out mode is automatically enabled if the page viewport width is more than the device doubled screen width or at least so we're told.

  • @dirgas the problem goes beyond viewport.
    Either viewport matches the device's height and width or not the problem will still exist, the real problem is the small and barely readable font size sometimes defined by the web developer sometimes by the device vendor and it worsens in conjunction with another terrible practice of blocking user's zoom with user-scalable=no or user-zoom:fixed that Opera doesn't let us override like I mentioned in the topic I linked above.

  • Thank you, rafaelluik. I've started the other post about font size and I was quite surprised that almost no one cares about this problem - on most web pages letters are so small, that you can barely read them while walking. I like your solution with minimum font size, but in my opinion, the main problem here is that new version of Opera doesn't allow to change almost anything. Even in Opera Mini you can set font size (granted, only in 3 steps) and in older versions of Opera (Mobile) you could tweak a lot of different options.

    Anyway, if you don't care about a volume of transfered data and have at least 1GB of RAM in your device, I can recommend Firefox as much more powerful browser with very good web page compatibility.

  • Thx, but Firefox is too limited for me.
    I "need" the bottom navigation bar setting like the one Opera has (Classic layout in the settings), browsing sucks with these tab-switchers available only in the top of the phone display like Firefox, Chrome and most other browsers have. I'd rather go with Yandex or Sleipnir, but then they also lack the unlimited and user-defined Speed Dial Opera has.

    This forum is a small representative of how many users may or may not want this setting, it's not the only channel of communication between users and Opera. We'll have to wait and see what Opera offers us.

  • Yes, using other browsers is a solution, but I prefer to use Opera. This is why I am here, trying to suggest things, help to make a change.

    1)Minimum font size
    -a must have

    2)More customizable browser, more settings, or some kind of hidden dev settings.
    -would be nice

    3)Bring back settings THAT ALREADY WERE THERE in older versions of Opera mobile

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  • 2)More customizable browser, more settings, or some kind of hidden dev settings.
    -would be nice
    3)Bring back settings THAT ALREADY WERE THERE in older versions of Opera mobile
    You need to specify what you want to be able to do that you can't do now. The reason is no dev will want to waste time implementing features/settings that are useless for the great majority of users. Justify with an example saying why you want something, this will have a much better effect.

    Here in this topic that would be off-topic, you should (search before posting so you can join threads that already exist about the same thing instead of creating duplicates, then) post each item in its own topic in the sub-forum called suggestion box.

  • ^ But then again, I already said what & why I want that in my first post and we have elaborated the ideas in following posts.

  • In your first post you said you want a minimum/default font/zoom or a solution to the problem you described, in your latest couple of posts items 2 and 3 you bring up the suggestion of restoring/adding thousands of settings without specifying one or for what they'd be useful.