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  • Hi,

    Any news as to when the next update for Opera Mail is out. We like the program, it is lightweight and does the tast of mailing well. It will surely help the users if the following features could be enabled.

    1. Archive mail for Gmail
    2. Sync with Google calendar
    3. Chat support which was part of the earlier version

    Do we have time-line for the next release, changelog ?


  • Do we have time-line for the next release

    Nothing official said by Opera. But, the answer is "never". Opera's not working on the mail client anymore.

    Archive mail for Gmail

    If you use Gmail IMAP, you can archive a message by dragging it from the IMAP folder it's in to the "[Gmail]/All Mail" IMAP folder. However, Opera has a bug with that method. To avoid the bug, you need to archive a different way. First, create an Opera label named "Archive". Then, right-click on it and goto "properties'. On the IMAP tab in the properties, set the IMAP keyword field to "\Deleted" (without the quotes). Then, whenever you want to archive a message, just drag it into the Archive Opera label (or apply the archive label via the "label as" menu). Note though that the message won't actually show up in the Archive Opera label. You'll still want to use "[Gmail]/All Mail" to view archived mail.

    If you're talking about archiving IMAP messages where they're removed from the server and only exist locally, you need to do that a special way. You need to ctrl + s on the message to save it as an mbs file. Then, you need to press del on the message to move it to Gmail's trash. Then, you need to empty Gmail's trash. Then, you can use "Menu -> settings -> import and export -> import mail -> import generic mbox" to import the message into a new account (that will be a local pop account). After the first time importing, you'll choose to import into the existing local account instead of a new one. Then, if you want, you can right-click in the mail panel and chose "show messages from" and select just the IMAP account so that the archived messages are hidden until you need to see them.

    Chat support which was part of the earlier version

    The standalone Opera Mail is just Opera 12.16 with the browser parts hidden. But, the standalone Opera Mail was never finished. It's missing all kinds of settings and some settings are broken. Chat was purposely removed, but it's still there in 12.16.

    So, it's better to use Opera 12.16/12.17 for just mail. Just goto "Alt +p -> advanced -> programs" and add/set the http and https protocols to open up in your default browser.

    If you plan on using Opera 12 for browser sometimes too though, use Opera 12.14 as 12.15-17 have major bugs with browser.

  • I apologize if I am asking very obvious questions. I am new to Opera.

    Was Opera Mail a separate client first and then integrated into the browser, or vice versa? If it was integrated later on, are there plans to update it - or is it just not going to be updated regardless whether it's standalone or integrated?

  • Nevermind - I've answered my own question. I'm using Opera 12 at this time with mail integrated.