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Opera 18, Some website you cannot press BACK.

  • I downloaded this Opera 18 and it looks okay. However, it lacks the bookmark manager and they removed most of the customizable features that most users loved. Either that, or I just cannot find the super advanced settings. Anyway, I use Amazon a lot and while I was browsing I noticed that after I click on an item, the Back button becomes useless unless you click it like 10 times. Once I was finally able to go to the previous page, I cannot go Forwards anymore. Why does this happen? How does it happen? What other sites has anyone noticed this? So far, I only notice it on The older version of Opera (Opera 12?) works fine, but I cannot log into my Yahoo! account. Please Help.

  • Try click and hold the back button to see the history list, then select an early stage in the history.

    Some sites are naughty like this. In Opera 11.64 I often use the Rewind button to work around it.

  • That's dumb. Why do I gotta do that? I have a Back and Forward button on my mouse and I just prefer to use those. More importantly, how did Opera work perfectly with Amazon in the previous versions vs the most updated one? Patch plz!

  • Originally posted by tangman0930:

    That's dumb. Why do I gotta do that?

    You don't have to, but it's often quicker. I just checked Amazon (UK) on both Opera 11.64 and Opera 18, and I don't have to click the back button twice, let alone ten times. Still, if you want to go back 10 pages, you should use the page history menu — it's much quicker.

  • What? Try Amazon (US). And I only wanted to go back once or twice but Opera 18 does not let me when I click the back button. So, I would have to rapid click the back button to go backwards and after all that I cannot even go forwards anymore.

  • No difference at all. also works fine using the toolbar buttons, Rocker Gestures (FlipBack), or Mouse Gestures, Gesture Left.

  • Some websites have one to many redirects if you follow links or use forms (search or similar). You have to click the back button for every redirect to go back to the initial page. If it was a form or similar site, forward button may not work properly. It isn't anything with Opera per se. I do have this sometimes with O12, for example if you search, follow a sponsored link (which is redirected several times) to a landing page that is redirected to another page of the company website. I am not sure if disabling automatic redirect could solve the issue as there are several methods which may not be controlled on the client side. Also it can be annoying as hell if a website uses this feature extensivly.

  • The same problem. On several websites ( for example) Back button (mouse gesture as well) works on 7-th or even 10-th try, reloading the same page, instead of jumping to initial. However from time to time it might work immediately on that websites.

    Originally posted by missingno:

    Some websites have one to many redirects if you follow links or use forms (search or similar)

    No, it happens on the next page of the same website.

  • Well, after a quick search there apparently is a Chromium (and therefor Opium) bug:
    May be connected with Adblock Plus (do you use that?) and may be worked around with a "cache killer" extension (