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  • No matter what I do, I cannot get any sync between my devices (Windows 10 PC, Android tablet and Android phone). I have tried everything - resetting sync, uninstalling and reinstalling etc but nothing works. There is no sync of anything at all. Can anyone help please?

  • I reinstalled Win10 yesterday, today i take to configure all applications and Opera to sync. I logged in and won't to start sync.

    after restart it sync. bookmarks, bookmark bar, passwords, something from history (not all) and speed dial i do not get it way always put inside OTHER SPEED DIALS. Why is not on regular page of speed dial? Open tabs are not sync. too. I saved them complete in speed dial.
    Settings and extensions has to be part of sync. too.

  • @perk-one you can check your sync data here - If anything has synced, it'll be there. As for open tabs, if you're trying to sync from Android to pc, you can go here - opera://activity. That will bring up all of your open tabs both for pc and android. There is one catch though, you have to keep any android tabs open (do not exit Opera or turn off your device) otherwise, you'll just get your pc tabs on that page.

  • It shows only two tabs which i have right now open. You didn't read completed post. I said I reinstalled Win10. I do not use on Android Opera. Few days ago I had problem with new Win10 update and the same situation with sync.

  • @perk-one Sync has been very buggy for quite a while. It should sync between devices however, it does lag when syncing with me. It takes anywhere from a minute to several minutes before showing up on another device and no amount of logging out or in will fix that. As for the "other speed dials" situation, sync may be thinking you're using a different machine due to your reinstall of windows perhaps? I would try importing that other speed dial into your regular speed dial and see if you can remove that other speed dial. As for the history not syncing properly, it happens to me too. Don't count on extensions being synced anytime soon or even getting synced debugged, since the devs don't seem to care about our requests or suggestions anymore.

  • I've been having the same problems as above. I am 200% certain I've followed every instruction given by Opera on synchronisation on both my laptop and desktop (5 times over). I hope somebody at Opera is looking at this thread. I'm not going to bring this to their attention directly. Why? I expect that they'll simply take me through the whole process again, then blame some virus shield or something. How? This is what all organisations do, instead of investigating their software more carefully at the outset. So I do not have an hour of time (or more) to spend on this.