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  • So everyone knows the new Opera Versions are just a second-rate fork of Chrome missing most of the distinguishing good features of the original version, so I'm planning to use 12.17 until it stops working.

    Sadly, this literally happens to me on average every hour or even more frequent, it just crashes with the error report box. It can happen when loading or displaying any website, or even while reading or sending e-mails with no website opened. This is really strange since at the time when 12.x was still new this rarely or never happened. Extension wise I only have Ghostery installed.

    So I am curious if this is just a bug in my profile or installation or if this issue is widespread, in which case I will finally dump Opera and go Chrome or Firefox.

    What are your experiences on 12.x stability?

  • For me 12.14 has been rock solid, it has been the most stablest version I have used, and have been using this version for nearly a year. I may get a (very rare) crash once every 3 months, if that. I am using it on Linux (though do have the same version* set-up in Windows too, though only boot into Windows occasionally). I have two extensions installed (AdBlock (NOT +) and Slim scroll bar), and use M2 for email and mailing lists.

    *I actually use the same profile folder for both Windows and Linux versions of Opera (I drag and drop it to keep them in sync).

  • Regarding stability, I leave Opera 12.16 x64 (for my regular browsing) and 12.14 x86 (for Kickstarter comments) open for days/weeks on end. I do, on occasion, run into hangs where the program stops responding temporarily, but it eventually recovers. And I'm not entirely convinced it's Opera's fault, it could be my AV being slightly over-protective, or my firewall. I haven't narrowed it down, yet.

    Linuxmint7, I'm curious why you don't modify the profile preferences files, to simply point to the same location for your settings, instead of drag/drop them back and forth to sync?

  • So I switched back to 32-bit Opera 12.17 fresh install without the mail profile and it has been stable since. So it looks like either my profile was corrupted or the 64-bit version I was using before was the cause.

    I just hope compatibility with new websites (like the slow facebook) won't go down much further so I can continue using this awesome software.