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  • Hello,

    My browser updated to the version 52.0.2871.99 yesterday I think and even though I have disabled the "flow" thing which is useless to me I am still feeling the browser to be slower than before, taking longer to load pages and switch between tabs, such thing has never happened before.

    Also every time I close the browser it opens again as "SleepDetectorServi..." and closes immediately (in fact, it does this so quickly I had to record the screen with ReLive and open the video on Vegas Pro to watch frame-by-frame to see what was written on it.

    And the worst problem: On Facebook if i close a messenger chat I cannot open it again, I have to completely close the browser, only then I can click on the person I want to chat again to re-open the chat. Also if I open a second chat both of them close at the same time and I can't open them anymore until I do what I mentioned above.
    That particular issue doesn't happen on Firefox, which I also have installed here.

    No other sites i've checked so far seem to have any particular issues except for the overall browser "slowness".

    I am unsure what I can add here to help solve or track the issue, so I'll say what I think it might be relevant:

    • Opera version is 52.0.2871.99.
    • Extensions I have installed are Ublock Origins, NoCoin and No-Script Suite Lite (the 3 are disabled on Facebook, so they are not causing the issue).
    • I am using Windows 10 Pro X64 (latest updates)
    • My CPU is a Core i5 7600k and my GPU is an AMD Radeon R9 380, I am using the latest AMD Adrenalin 18.4.1 drivers.

    Edit: I went ahead and completely wiped the browser just to make sure and with all data cleaned the issue still persist.