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  • It's a very good idea, it's an amazingly bad developing / implementation.
    I could not connect more smartphones. It should be basically and fast.
    Take the company an example of Firefox's great feature: Send Tab to (multiple!) Device !!!

  • +1 here. Useless when designed to pair only 2 devices.

  • I STRONGLY agree: furthermore, you could use the Flow to copy and transfer instantly texts and links between PCs, for me it could be an awesome feature.

  • multiple devices via single flow - without it its kinda useless feature

    make opera great again @_@

  • So, I completely agree with this! I actually shifted back into Opera today. I use the Note 8 and with Chrome removing their address bar at the bottom option, Opera Touch seemed to be the best option after some research for day to day use-ability. I was curious about the Flow feature also and shifted into Opera at my work setup as well.

    However, I am now consider looking at other options because when I reach back home, I both have a Desktop setup as well as a Macbook and Windows tablet that I keep switching between as required. I also use a Blackberry KeyOne for work purposes, and wanted Flow on that as well.

    I think the only way this feature would be a true success if we could add several more devices and some kind of search/ categorization/ filter (by date, originator) up-top.
    For the time being, I'll stick to Safari and Chrome on the computers, but still use Opera Touch for the phone.

  • has Opera officially answered in any way to this request?
    will they further develop Flow in the immediate future to work with more devices at once?

  • @peach1200 They usually don't answer requests.

  • +1 useless if I cannot see my flow messages in my 2 computers + phone

  • +1! wth?? This is a fantastic invention, but it's completely unusable if I can't have one central flow that I can add to from all my devices!

  • please, give us Opera Link back! 🙂

  • Yea, this is just a really missed opportunity. Such a shame, great features, but lack core functionality.

  • I totally agree with you!
    I love Opera touch (well, it could be better for usability) but I need flow to works with many devices.
    And I don't like the focus on search when I start a new tabs. Why two clicks to open a favourite site in the speed dial? It's a non sense

  • Opera has listened to us and made changes always. They just launched the new opera touch. Give them some time to implement our suggestions. I am sure they will.

  • Hello. We're working on the possibility of using multiple devices and it will be available in the near future. Please stay tuned.

  • +1 -- i have 3 android devices and a laptop .. i need to flow between all of em .. just like google chrome does.

  • @skamieniarz how is it going?

  • @korovushka We will know when it's released. They usually don't comment on features being developed.

  • +1
    I totally agree

    I use Opera in 1 android and 2 PC (home, work), and need this feature so soon

  • +1 such a great feature - what a horrible oversight to assume everyone has just one pc and one phone. Come on, let me use it on multiple devices!

  • I've reinstalled the app to see if things improve and, to my surprise, Opera Flow now works with more than one device! I tested with my smartphone and my Android tablet on my home PC, and Flow worked like a charm. Tomorrow I'm going to test with work PC, but it's great to see they listened us.