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Better Spell Checking dictionary for Opera?

  • I use Opera, Chrome (in Regular, Canary and Chromium flavors), Firefox, Vivaldi and Bravo on a fairly regular basis, but I set up Opera as my default browser on both my computers.

    I am happy with my choice except for the spell checking dictionary. I have done some testing and the Opera Dictionary tends to find fewer mistakes and offers fewer corrections across the board.

    In some cases I have had to copy the text from Opera, insert it in a textarea in Chrome to spell check it and then paste it back. Opera would often flag a misspelled word but it would give me no corrections.

    Naturally, I have been building up my custom dictionary whenever possible, but I find the opera spell check to be inferior to the other browsers, and I was wondering if there was a way to make it more precise, or to install a better spell checker.

    Has anyone else noticed this or am I hallucinating?
    Otherwise, I love opera and even with that shortcoming I use it as my default.

    PS: I should point out I am not a native English speaker and while my writing doesn't totally suck, I rely on spell checking a lot more than average users.