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Plug-ins Blocked and some games cleared in FaceBook

  • Having used Opera for a while already, ever since I updated my version to 52.0, it started to give me problems with games in FaceBook. Someone has already mentioned the case about "Plug-ins Blocked" regularly appearing at the end of the address bar. But the replies to that message do not show any link to a page on how to manage the Flash settings and any other necessary test that might help.

    But the other issue with the new version is that everyday I play one of my FaceBook games again, it now might pop-up a window asking me if I want to continue with my FaceBook name and if I want to allow the game to post messages to all my friends (just like the procedure when you open up the game on FaceBook for the very first time). It is like this new version of Opera has started to make FaceBook constantly keep removing some of my regular games which I play. How do I fix this and does it have any link to the Plug-ins issue?

  • Goto opera://settings/?search=flash in Opera, which will take you to the Flash settings. If you don't like getting to it that way, you can goto "Menu -> settings -> websites -> Flash".

    By default it's set to "Ask first before allowing sites to run Flash (recommended)". What this means is you have to click the "Manage Exceptions" button for Flash and add the domain for the site to the list and set it to "allow". The "ask" part in the description means that *sometimes* you might get a Flash plug-in placeholder on the page where you can click it to be asked to allow Flash for the domain. Doing it that way is just a shortcut to ading to the "Manage Exceptions" list. If you don't see the placeholder, you have to go into settings and type in the domain into the exceptions list manually.

    Now, if you want to just allow Flash for all websites, set the Flash setting to "Allow sites to run Flash". That way you don't have to worry about exceptions.

    Now, as for the "plug-in blocked" notification, if a page tries to load a Flash object on page that's smaller than 7x7, Opera will block it and show you the notification to allow you to run it one time, which means you have to repeat the step on ever load of the page. This happens no matter what the Flash setting is set to and is not configurable. However, if the main Flash object you want to use loads fine, don't worry about the plug-in blocked notifcation if you see it. The blocked Flash element is probably just some advertisement. You only need to worry about the notification if everything else is right and the Flash thing you're trying to use still doesn't work.

    Make sure you download the right Flash player for Opera though. If you visit in Opera, you'll get the right download. If you know you've installed it properly, any site that says you need to install Flash is incorrect. It's probably because the site isn't in the exceptions list.

    Other things that could interfere with Flash are extensions, Opera's built-in adblocker, Opera Turbo, Opera VPN.

    That's all there is to it.

  • @ywc said in Plug-ins Blocked and some games cleared in FaceBook:

    But the other issue with the new version is that everyday I play one of my FaceBook games again, it now might pop-up a window

    Download the Opera installer, launch it, click "options", set "install path" to a folder on your desktop, set "install for" to standalone installation" and install. Try that Opera, log into Facebook and try the game. Then, close Opera, launch that Opera again (the launcher is in the installation folder) and go back to the game to see if it asks you again.

    If things works fine in the standalone installation, there's probably a setting or something that you need to sort out in your normal Opera profile. Maybe delete all cookies for a start. "Menu -> settings -> Privacy and Security -> Cookies -> All cookies and site data -> type and click "delete all shown".