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Opening new link into a new tab

  • Hello All,
    Is it possible to open links automatically in a new tab ?
    I looked everywhere, but did'nt find any answer. When I open a new link it is open in teh current tab, unless I opened a new empty tab. This is really annoying and I loose a lot of tabs that I wanted to keep opened.
    Thanks you very much for help.

  • Manually: Right-click the link and choose "open in new tab" or right-click and hold on the link and drag down (aka gesture down) or ctrl + shift + click. There's also middle-click, ctrl + click and right-click and hold on the link and drag down and then up (aka gesture down up). You can also drag the link to the tab bar. You can shift + click to open it in a new window.

    To do it automatically, you could try some Chrome extensions. Install this extension and then try some of these.

    You might find some at too. I see this one, but it forces them to load in the background instead of the foreground.

  • Thank you Bournout426 for helping me.
    I know what you show me, but I think to have tried every of these extensions. Unfortunately, sometime it works and sometime it doesn't, it means it is not reiable so not really usable.
    I come from FireFox where all was possible and I am vey surprised that Opera doesn't permit that.
    For me it is really annoying, and if I don't find any solution, I believe I'll try another web explorer. It's a pity as Opera seems a good explorer, but this is really a problem for me.

  • In Firefox, is the option in about:config or something?

  • You can customize all you want with an extension called Tab Mix Plus.
    The problem is that they changed too many things and a lot of extensions no longer work since release 57 and a lot of developers went away. I tried the WaterFox 56 but performances are too poor. Unfortunately the choice becomes difficult. I have another problem with Opera because the pictures are sometime displayed, sometime replaced with an icon and sometime nothing is displayed. All work perfectly with WaterFox or MS Edge. I don't find where is the trouble.

  • @vampirex said in Opening new link into a new tab:

    I know what you show me, but I think to have tried every of these extensions. Unfortunately, sometime it works and sometime it doesn't

    This one seems to work great. It even has a button in the address bar to toggle it on and off.

  • @burnout426 It works for link in a page, but it doesn't work with a bookmark nor with a search, in these situations the page is opened in the tab displayed.

  • @vampirex Ah, yes. Extensions don't have access to change those. But, for bookmarks at least, if you click on them via the sidebar, they open in a new tab. Selecting text on a page and choosing to search for it opens it in a new tab also. To search via the address field though, you'll want to open a new tab first. Or, you can hold down alt when you press enter.

  • Yes, it is the state where I am now. I have to think to open a new tab before launching a new search. Unfortunately, I almost forget 9 times on 10.

  • @burnout426 thanks for the ctrl + shift + left mouse button and ctrl + middle mouse button shortkeys as I can have granular control over each link (a part from target _blank links).