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opera ad blocker not loading lists

  • using opera - 52.0.2871.30
    i noticed that the ad blocker wasnt working and showed 0 ads blocked on every page
    i checked the filters , and it shows none
    it is simply not even showing any list name to tick, all 3 fields are empty
    even the custom lists are not loading, i tried using mirror filters or such, but they just keep importing for hours without actually loading
    i have old opera 50 backup, so i copied the easylist files to adblock_data folder, yet nothing
    and i restarted many times
    tried reinstalling(even though i will have to put my settings again) but still nothing
    edit: i noticed that the custom list are actually downloaded and saved in the adblock_data folder, and the size is same as the backup of old folder i have, yet it shows importing... for them