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Flash keeps needing to be installed and wont most the time! + Browser performance/needs

  • I keep finding I have to reinstall Flashplayer. I usually use Opera Developer and I did not encounter this problem till recently. Also when I get directed to Adobe's installer for flash and opera it will not let me install. I used to have to use the stable version to get an install. Now even the stable version will not let me install from Adobe. What in the hell is going wrong? I am very frustrated with this Opera browser and I tried Maxthon but unfortunately where Maxthon destroys Opera it lacks in performance and reliability. What are we to do when we just cannot find a nice all round browser? All I see is endless new versions of Opera with new engines but no new features as such and now problems with flash etc. I have started to use Maxthon for basic browsing and then Opera for when I have to open numerous tabs which can sometimes end up being 85-165, yes you read correctly and only Opera seems to handle this amount with ease. Why can we not have a hybrid of Maxthon and Opera working nicely so people can relax and just browse and stop belly aching. It is so annoying when negatives crop up constantly and nothing ever gets changed. I often wonder why browser makers have forums since they do not listen to their users. I see Maxthon community worshiping their browser like it is a God and it is not when it comes to performance. If you start highlighting serious issues with the browser they will just pass it off as a hardcore user who does not matter. They will do this whilst attacking Opera users here as being gatekeepers, they too are gatekeepers and thus I cannot see Maxthon improving to where I need to use it constantly. A similar thing happens here except nothing ever changes with Opera other than the web engine. We see nothing built in and simple things like bookmarks still not being addressed. Only recently the search engines were improved, these are the most basic of things. If only I could code I would combine Maxthon with Opera and some for you all and do away with these corporate browsers altogether. Unfortunately I cannot code but I am a perfectionist 🙂 Lets get it together for once and get a proper browser. We need more extensions on Opera too, most from chrome will not work without alteration so do not bother with that download from chrome extension. Avant has some nice features but is let down by its looks and I could not find a way to present your chrome addons etc. Can we have a good hybrid from someone ?!!?!?

  • I have sussed out why the Adobe website would not let me even attempt to install flashplayer. The extension GHOSTERY was the problem! Now I have a new problem where by flash will not work once installed and not one of my Operas recognizes any flash on the system.

  • To "install" Flash in a 32-bit browser, you would take NPSWF32*.dll [1], [2] from any Windows system where it has been copied to and put it in Opera\program\plugins for Opera 12 or Opera\\plugins for Opium (15+). Each browser then can have its own version of Flash to compare performance or rendering quality. I am unsure of the meaning of the extra plugin.vch (some DRM) and flashplayer.xpt files, and those might not be needed.

    Flash installation is needlessly convoluted, starting with its download.

  • Okay I believe I have sussed out the Flashplayer problems and it looks like it was due to utilizing a portable version of Opera as well as the installed version. I have Opera Developer installed but I have been using a portable version of Opera Stable as well. When I installed flashplayer it would work in the installed developer but I was not testing it in developer first. I would quit Developer at the end of the install due to me having 80 tabs sitting there. I would then go to the portable version and no flash would work. I'd then go back to the developer and no flash would be working there too. But If I just waited after installed so my tabs would come up in developer and then try youtube etc the flash would be working. It seems that any execution of the portable version of Opera will crash out the flash on the developer installed version. So this is a word of warning for those thinking about or attempting what I have been doing. I have now deleted the portable version off the harddrive and things seem to be okay. Keep an eye on what the Ghostery extension may be blocking since its affecting the Adobe site. Its about time we had some updates for some of these extensions.

    Thanks for your information!