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Item, MI_IDM_SELMAIL=Send text in mail

  • Hi All,

    In index.ini

    [ Hotclick Popup menu ]

    How I am to add my custom command to the ' Send by mail ' ?

    I could reach this : Item, MI_IDM_SELMAIL=Send text in mail

    and I want to do this:

    =clear formatting & Email Toggle Bold & delay, 100 & open font dialog & delay, 20 & blah blah blah & insert, ""

    Thank you!

  • Hello,

    can someone please let me know how I am able to make the above work in [ Hotclick popup menu ]

    Thank you.

  • Item, MI_IDM_SELMAIL = Send text in mail & insert, "" & Focus next widget & Focus next widget & Focus next widget & Focus next widget & Focus next widget & Delay, 1000 & select all & Delay, 1000 & Email clear formatting & delay, 1000 & Toggle style bold & Delay, 1000 & Previous line & Select all & Delay, 1000 & focus previous widget & focus next widget & open item & next item & next item & next item & close dropdown & focus next widget & Previous line

    Did that in 12.17 on Win7 x64 with default standard_menu.ini and default toolbars and compose fields etc. You'll have to adjust the command to fit how you have things customized. Also, on the Outgoing tab in the account's properties, I have prefer HTML set.

    Here's what the command does after the send text in mail part.

    • The To field will be focused automatically. So, insert the text you want.

    • Use Focus next widget 5 times to get to the HTML body.

    • Select all the text.

    • Clear the formatting of the selection.

    • Bold the selection. (Using the ctrl + b shortcut command from standard_keyboard.ini instead of try to get focus on the Bold button in the toolbar)

    • Previous line executes an up arrow key press to clear the selection. The 'cancel' command should work, but doesn't for some reason. The first 'previous line' I use in there is just for example of how to clear the selection. I then use 'Select all' again to select everything again so that the font can be applied to it.

    • Focus previous widget focuses the subject field.

    • Focus next widget focuses the font drop-down.

    • Open item opens the drop-down.

    • Next item as many times as you need to get to the font you want.

    • Close dropdown closes the drop-down.

    • Focus next widget focuses the body again.

    • Previous line clears the selection.

    Some of the Delays I used might not be necessary. I tend to throw them in there for good measure. I'm also using 1 second delays. Get things working first and then lower them as much as you can without breaking the command and without crashing Opera.

    That should give you some hints. Have fun tweaking.

  • Done it brunout426,

    Works ! with thanks !

    How am I able to assign a new name to it from the right click menu ?

    as now I have 2 same name

    Send by mail

    Send by mail

    I tried : Item, MI_IDM_SELMAIL = My Own Send text in mail & Item, MI_IDM_SELMAIL =Send text in mail

    Of course, it wouldn't work after adding My Own infront of Send text in mail

    Thank you


    Instead of that, use "what you want"


    Hi burnout426,

    what is this command means ? ( only curious )

    Thank you

  • It's not a command. It's a label/pointer to the localized title text for the command. For example, in English, it'd point to the "Send by Mail" text in locale/en/en.lng.

  • HI burnout426,

    What to do if during Opera executing command & If I am to stop the command in the middle of time ?

    Like it I assign to a Mouse/Keyboard Gesture for a command ( lone ones ) , or a command from right click menu ( from index.ini ) , after the command is fired, if I am to stop that........ what to do ?

    Thank you

  • what to do ?

    I have no clue.