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Browser crash caused by LastPass

  • Occurs inside synchronization UI
    Hitting the Icon LastPass offers known as 'Entry-fill' will crash the entire browser.

    Added a screen if you aren't familiar with LastPass' Entry-fill feature
    (The little icon added at the end of the form)

    alt text

    Only having troubles with it in this UI
    Haven't tested anywhere else.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place wasn't sure where to report this problem.
    Occurs on the latest versions of Opera for Windows

  • @mzko So far it seems to happen only if you sign into your Opera account using LP. I tested a few sites and no crashing using the autofill. This is most probably due to the fact that the devs monitoring addons have NOT ALLOWED any updates for LP since June 2017. 😡 Outdated addons do ocassionally cause problems with newer browsers. Unfortunately, LP will probably never get updated because of devs ignoring addon submissions by addon creators. There have been complaints of creators' addons being stuck in reviewing hell for months on end.

  • @slytheringirl Yeah seems to only occur when signing in Opera account. Bit of a pain. Majority of those LP updates ensure all our stuff is secure and issues such as this don't occur. Very disappointing however I'm sure the devs will pull through eventually... Releasing an array of updates not just for LP but other add ons that need it too. We can only wait and urge those Devs to get a move on or complain about it and get nowhere 😭

  • Update on this, initial crash has be fixed however has broken the use of the Entry-Fill function. As clicking the icon will not pops up LP Entry-Fill UI.

    Side note
    Not sure If this is just me but every so often when dealing with LastPass extension it changes as If it were being updated/altered. I've come across a couple features which I've never had before alongside a general bump up in the quality of the extension. For example the Entry-Fill UI has changed for me and looks a lot more clean/smooth. Checking the version information on the extension shows that it hasn't been updated since March/June 2017. Any Ideas on if this extension is being updated behind the scenes?

  • Another update. Managed to hit the icon, seems the crash is still there.
    And as talking about dealing with LastPass changes it has once again changed rather reverting to an old state. During the process of crashes the browser will disable the extension so re-enabling it cause it to revert something. Not sure whats up with this.
    (Sorry for the double post wasn't sure how to add this to the other one)