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  • How can i fix this? It's been going on for at least a year on this computer.
    I always notice it from either audio starts stuttering in videos, or that the browser loads some things on pages (like Youtube thumbnails or Instagram pictures for example) very slowly or Opera just freezes/crashes, and often when it freezes it freezes the whole computer for up to a couple of minutes.

    Whenever these things happen i use to check the taskmanager the System and System interrupts processes seem to very noticibly go up in CPU usage every time these things happen. And then when the problem fixes itself or if i kill Opera the CPU usage goes away again on System and System interrupts.

    This problem seem to be caused only by Opera. No other programs and it doesn't seem to ever happen with other browsers either.
    Sometimes it's fine for weeks, and sometimes like now, i can't even start Opera cause both it and my whole computer freezes every couple of minutes. I had to open Chrome just to type this forum post.

    All my drivers are updated, and i've also updated chipset and bios. As well as reinstalling Opera and everything i can think of, but i just can't seem to figure this out.
    I've had this very annoying problem for far too damn long. I've only stuck with Opera cause i instantly feel crippled in other browsers, especially due to lack of mouse gestures and speeddial, but certain other things as well. But i feel like i might actually have to switch soon if i can't fix this shit.

  • nvm, seems to happen with Chrome as well

  • I've finally managed to figure out that on top of all the other problems I've had to solve due to having a Killer NIC on my motherboard... it is once again the stupid ass Killer NIC that has been causing this problem for likely well over a year.
    I've now ordered a PCIe gigabit Intel NIC, so hopefully my problem will go away in a day or two when i get it and can disable the Killer NIC.
    Now I'm feeling even more strongly about absolutely never ever getting a motherboard with Killer networking again.